The free PlayStation Plus 14 Days game is one of the best games for all people, whether they are teenagers or adults, as the PlayStation is usually closed for a very long period of time until many introductory discs and game CDs are purchased.

Also, many people who love PlayStation find it difficult to obtain CDs, CDs, and games, as they are quite expensive, so through this article we will explain how to activate PlayStation Plus 14.

What is PlayStation Plus 14?

PlayStation Plus 14PlayStation Plus 14
PlayStation Plus 14

As these companies are working to add many features to PlayStation Plus, as they work to record through files for all time periods, and you must participate in unlocking the PlayStation, and this will be in exchange for a fee.

Many people also want to purchase a PlayStation Plus to try many games, and the best of these games are the following:

  • PlayStation works to provide the PES game in its various versions, including FIFA, in its various versions.
  • It also provides the WWW game, in addition to providing the Smackdown game, in addition to providing row.
  • It also provides many fighting games, including God of War.
  • It also works on providing war games, strategy games, and deception games, including Kull of Duty.

How to activate PlayStation Plus 14 days for free

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Since many people want to know how to activate the free 14-day Plus, and what are the most important steps that must be followed in order to work on entering their profile.

  • Log in via any search engine or browser on the game’s main website.
  • Then we will work to download the version that is on the screen in front of you on the computer.
  • Then you will work on connecting the PlayStation device to your computer, and then work on opening both devices.
  • You can work on removing the hard disk from the computer and working on connecting it directly via the PlayStation.
  • Then we go to the definition file, which is located on the hard disk.
  • Download this file on your PlayStation Plus 4.
  • You will then click on the definition file and then wait a few minutes.
  • You will find that the PlayStation device is ready for you to play on.

Steps to subscribe to permanent PlayStation

Since we have learned how to activate the PlayStation Plus subscription for 14 days for free, we can also learn about the most important steps related to payment and also the most important details about the days that come after the end of the 14-day period, which are free.

The most important details are as follows:

  • As a deduction or withdrawal will be made automatically, it is approximately 8 US dollars, meaning that it is approximately 35 Saudi riyals in Saudi riyals, and the withdrawal process takes place on an annual basis, as there is no change in this package for the PlayStation. If any change is made, it will be sent to your email.
  • We are working on sending all those invoices related to the use of the PlayStation 4 Plus PlayStationThis is done on a monthly basis, not annually.
  • We are also working on extending the subscription period automatically for you in PlayStation 4 Plus every new year or on the day you subscribe. Also, when you want to cancel the subscription, you must do so a while beforehand so that the money is not withdrawn from you. .
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Conditions for unsubscribing

PlayStation Plus 14PlayStation Plus 14
PlayStation Plus 14

As there are a set of conditions that are specific to canceling the subscription, in order to cancel the subscription in the correct way, it is also necessary to adhere to all of those conditions that you have set before you work on canceling the subscription, and the most important of these conditions are the following:

  • The person wishing to cancel must be at least 7 years old.
  • This person or student must also obtain the permission of his guardian if he is under 18 years of age.
  • He will be prevented from entering this site and his PlayStation will be suspended.

Through this article we have talked about PlayStation Plus 14 A day and all the important points revolving around it.

And finally

We have talked about PlayStation Plus 14, and all the information revolving around it

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