The Attorney General’s Office of the Republic is investigating the national leader of the PRI, and the federal deputy Pablo Guillermo Angulo, for the use of information leaked from the ASF to defend themselves against the accusations originating in Campeche.

MEXICO CITY. (Process).– In his attempt to face the accusations originating in Campeche, the former governor of that entity and national leader of the PRI, Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas, incurred in the theft and dissemination of confidential information, obtained through a brief, but effective network of control over the Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF), according to complaints against it.

The allegations state that said information was part of files to which a co-defendant, his friend and protégé, federal deputy Pablo Guillermo Angulo Briceño, had access, in his capacity as president of the ASF Surveillance Commission in the Chamber of Deputies.

The issue is not minor; Moreno Cárdenas’ relationship with the ASF allows us to warn that, to place Pablo Angulo on said commission, information was falsified about the relationship with an important auditor, who with full access to data also serves as the PRI’s personal lawyer.

As a result of the complaints, Moreno Cárdenas and Pablo Angulo are investigated by the Attorney General’s Office and the Internal Comptroller’s Office of the Chamber of Deputies.

In the complaint, to which Proceso had access, Moreno Cárdenas is accused of disseminating on social networks a message accompanied by photographs that reproduce an acknowledgment of filing a federal complaint against the prosecutor of the state of Campeche, Renato Sales Heredia.

The latter was accused of improperly using national security software and equipment to spy on journalists and political adversaries. The equipment is valued at 807 million pesos that he allegedly stole during his tenure as Federal Security Commissioner.

In 2024, just months after assuming the governorship of Campeche, the Morenista Layda Sansores began the online broadcast of “Jaguar Tuesday”, a magazine program format in which she talked about government actions and programs, presented aspects of regional culture and traditions, Campechanos prominent in science, art and sports, but which was expected on a national scale for a segment in which the president revealed audios, messages and other information from Moreno Cárdenas.

In this context, the Campeche prosecutor, Renato Sales, filed complaints for illicit enrichment, tax fraud and money laundering. Alejandro Moreno responded with a complaint against Sales Heredia, for allegedly keeping spy equipment acquired during his time at the National Security Commission.

Assimilated to the 4T, a trusted man for Governor Sansores, who promoted him to the Attorney General’s Office of Campeche at the end of 2021, Sales Heredia served as National Security Commissioner in the six-year term of Enrique Peña Nieto. By six-year design, said institution had functions similar to those of the Secretariat of Public Security and Citizen Protection today.

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With this background, and alleged information obtained by “a little bird”, Alejandro Moreno filed a complaint against Sales Heredia and spread it on his social networks on May 25, 2024, when Sansores had already been showing audios of “Alito Moreno” for five weeks. on “Jaguar Tuesday.”

In a Facebook post, Moreno Cárdenas accused the invention of plots, crimes and the editing of audios. He announced that he would request an independent expert opinion to demonstrate the manipulation and fabrication of facts, and added:

“All the audios are obtained and manipulated with an espionage system, which was never delivered to the Federal Police and which was ‘stolen’ by the current prosecutor of Campeche. The supplier is an Israeli company and a ‘little bird’ has just said that the prosecutor (formerly Federal Security Commissioner) has it. He is already reported by the ASF to the FGR, for this ‘theft’ of equipment worth more than 800 million pesos. They are beginning to revert.”

Next, Moreno Cárdenas presented a copy of the complaint against Sales Heredia before the Attorney General’s Office (FGR). It is this last action that was reported and has been under investigation since May 7.

The role of Pablo Angulo

Shared origin, Pablo Angulo is part of the political class created by Moreno Cárdenas in Campeche. The politician, originally from Champotón, even followed in the footsteps of the PRI leader by becoming national leader of the Youth Network for MX, as in his time the current national leader of the PRI was of the Revolutionary Youth Front in the early two thousand years. the time when, due to his youth, he acquired the diminutive that identifies him to this day: Alito.

After leaving the governorship of Campeche to assume the national leadership of the PRI, Alejandro Moreno used his close friends to take full control of the party and, among the closest militants, Angulo Briceño, who assumed a federal deputyship, is counted.

Renato Sales. Complaint against the prosecutor. Photo: Eduardo Miranda

The emotional and political closeness between the two is widely known. In fact, Moreno Cárdenas guaranteed a place on the list for the Senate to his friend Angulo, since both have a seat given that Alito is in first place and Angulo in fourth.

The relationship of those mentioned is important in the complaint recently filed against the national leader of the PRI: the information disseminated by Moreno Cárdenas is confidential, he did not identify the source of information, but the alleged diversion of espionage equipment was protected in the files of Angulo Briceño, given his role in the supervision of the ASF and his functions related to the review of the Public Account.

The complaint also indicates that the law establishes that public servants and external auditors have access to said information, but must keep it strictly confidential and are responsible for any violation of this confidentiality.

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The relationship between Moreno and Angulo Briceño is a central element of the investigation, since it involves not only political closeness, but also possible collusion for the improper handling of sensitive information.

More accusations against Angulo

In addition to the aforementioned accusation, Angulo Briceño faces another investigation for alleged falsehood of statements in an amparo trial, within file 1435/2022 of the First District Court for Administrative Matters of Mexico City, in which the prosecutor is also involved. General of Justice of Campeche.

The documents reveal that Angulo Briceño is accused of having falsified attendance and votes during the eighth regular semi-presential meeting of the Surveillance Commission, held on August 17, 2024.

“On behalf of the Surveillance Commission of the Superior Audit of the Federation that he presides, and which was designated as the responsible authority, he expressed false facts before the judge of knowledge with the intention of deceiving him to favor his interests in the amparo trial 1435 /2022”, reads the complaint.

According to audiovisual records, and confirmed by Iván Arturo Rodríguez Rivera, secretary of the Board of Directors, the meeting never had the quorum of 20 deputies necessary for its validity, contrary to what was stated by Angulo Briceño

Falsehood in your statement before the judge may constitute a crime of falsehood before a judicial authority, in accordance with article 262 section I of the Amparo Law. This can lead to criminal liability for attempting to deceive the judge into denying the requested relief, based on the pretense that the meeting was legally valid.

On the other hand, the president of the Board of Directors of the ASF Surveillance Commission, Pablo Angulo, faces serious accusations of conflicts of interest and possible omissions in his official statements.

The complaint states that the PRI deputy did not report his professional and personal relationship with Ricardo Gabriel López Ruiz, who serves as general director of Follow-up “C” in the ASF, and that, in addition to this position, he acts as a private lawyer. and legal representative of Angulo Briceño.

This last fact is relevant because the simultaneity of these roles poses a conflict of interest, given that López Ruiz could influence decisions or audits that directly or indirectly affect Angulo Briceño.

Angle. Investigations against him. Photo: Special

In the complaint, the Regulatory Authority of the Evaluation and Control Unit of the ASF Surveillance Commission, as well as the Internal Comptroller of the Chamber of Deputies, has been asked to impose precautionary measures on both officials of temporary suspension of their positions. charges.

So far, the cases continue to develop while the investigation is expected to shed more light on the activities at the Commission and the legal implications for Congressman Angulo Briceño and possible accomplices.

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