“Enough of family members being collateral damage of a candidate’s electoral campaign,” asks the wife of President López Obrador.

MEXICO CITY (apro).- The influencer Callo de Hacha released this Thursday a new video of Juan Pablo Sánchez Gálvez, son of the opposition presidential candidate Xóchitl Gálvez, insulting and hitting police officers in Mexico City.

The writer Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller rejected the dissemination of this new recording and asked that it be withdrawn.

At the beginning of April, the wife of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador had already reacted in a similar way to the dissemination – also by Callo de Hacha – of another video in which the young man was shown attacking staff at a Polanco club in Mexico City.

On that occasion, Gutiérrez Müller asked the campaigning politicians and their teams to “play fair” and rejected the idea that family members continue to be “collateral damage.”

This Thursday, he responded to a publication from the X promorenista account @catrina_nortena that took up the video and called for sharing it.

“No, I do not share it and I ask you to withdraw it. This is not correct. Please, if a family member is not committing a crime, stop disturbing their private life. We all make mistakes.

“Everyone with their inappropriate behaviors, or are we perfect? Who throws the first stone? We are already big. Therefore, I repeat: enough of family members being ‘collateral damage’ of a candidate’s electoral campaign,” wrote Gutiérrez Müller.

Shortly after, @catrina_nortena deleted the publication.

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Callo de Hacha’s response

The person who responded to the historian’s position was the influencer Callo de Hacha, who expressed his disagreement:

“Doctor, I greatly respect your opinion, but I do not agree. We are not talking about a minor or a family member as ‘collateral damage’, but about a man of almost 30 years old who is part of the campaign of someone who aspires to the presidency of Mexico and who holds the position of Youth Coordinator. .

“The information is of journalistic value and I believe that all Mexicans have the right to know who they are voting for. I send you a big hug and long live freedom of expression.”

In another post, he reiterated that he would not remove the video.

“Even if the president or the first lady asks for it, I will NOT delete the video. No one is above the law, least of all the relatives of politicians. Normalizing discrimination and humiliation of our police officers is part of the social deterioration we are experiencing.”

He then called a poll to decide whether to withdraw it.

“Should I download the video of @JPsagalvez, son of @XochitlGalvez, drunk, attacking and insulting Mexico City police officers because the first lady @BeatrizGMuller asks me to? I WILL ACCEPT THE DECISION OF THE PEOPLE,” she published in X.

As of 6:30 p.m., more than 21,000 users had participated, of which 62 percent spoke in favor of downloading the video.

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Finally he announced that at 8 pm he would remove it “As requested by Dr. @BeatrizGMuller, at 8 PM sharp I will delete from my social networks the video in which @JPsagalvez, son of @XochitlGalvez, appears attacking and insulting CDMX police officers. At the same time I will give a VERY IMPORTANT message.”

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