The protests continued throughout the event to the point that they forced the brunette to intervene on two occasions: “Let’s see, are they going to let me speak or not?”

MEXICO CITY ( On her second consecutive day of touring the State of Mexico, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, presidential candidate of Morena-PT-PVEM, had a rally full of complaints in the municipality of Zumpango against the designation of candidates for federal and local deputies.

The sneering and shouting continued throughout the event to the point that they forced the brunette to intervene twice with her well-known scolding: “Let’s see, are you going to let me speak or not?”

On the esplanade of the Insurgentes market, a group of Zumpango residents shouted even with a megaphone against Morena’s candidates for federal representation for District 28, Roberto Ángel Domínguez, and for local representation for District 20, Esteban Juárez. “Out with Roberto, out with Roberto!” They shouted, regardless of the fact that the candidate had already started her speech.

They also raised signs that said: “Get out Roberto Ratero” with drawings of a mouse and a pig, “Esteban you are a seller of federal aid” and “Get out Esteban, stop stealing from the people!”, “Zumpango is not going to bear a lifer like Roberto and Esteban”, “Roberto does not represent the ideals of the Morena party, you are lazy, get out!”, “No more thefts from Roberto Ángel”.

Faced with the claims, some Morenistas tried to overshadow the protest with batons, but they failed.

It promises water, transportation, security…

After twice calling the attention of the protesters without success, the former head of government of Mexico City launched her main government proposals, but focused on those directed at the State of Mexico.

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As he did yesterday in Chalco and Texcoco, he offered Mexicans to team up with Governor Delfina Gómez and “the next head of government Clara Brugada” to create a “metropolitan strategy” to address the problem of drinking water scarcity.

He also offered them to expand public transport options and pay more attention to safety, in particular by addressing causes and with greater support for young people in education, culture and sports. In fact, he committed to building a campus for the Rosario Castellanos University.

Towards the end of her speech, Claudia Sheinbaum sent a message to the dissatisfied: “Who depends on whether we have Zumpango, and how are we going to organize ourselves to see if they accept my challenge, also for those who walk around there, instead of walking shouting, let’s organize ourselves.”

Later, the Morenista presidential candidate will visit the municipalities of Tecámac, Tultepec and Ecatepec.

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