The Sixth Collegiate Court on Labor Matters in CDMX ordered Pemex to once again pay the pension to María Amparo Casar for the death of her ex-husband, while the judge who resolves the amparo defines whether he will grant the measure definitively or not.

MEXICO CITY (apro).- A federal court confirmed the order for Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) to continue paying María Amparo Casar’s pension for the death of her ex-husband.

The Sixth Collegiate Court on Labor Matters in Mexico City modified the outright suspension that was granted to the president of Mexicans against Corruption and Impunity (MCCI) because, the magistrates indicated, the cessation of payment of pensions of María Amparo Casar does not put her life or her freedom at risk.

“In the case, we are faced with the possible impact on the legal rights of the complainant that affect her right to subsistence and human dignity, which is why it does not update any of the assumptions of article 126 of the Amparo Law,” said the Collegiate. .

“The act deals with the non-payment of a pension granted since January 2005, which in his case prevents him from accessing the resources of that pension, which implies the denial of certain income for his subsistence, but does not denote “directly and immediately affects life.”

Instead, the magistrates granted the provisional suspension to María Amparo Casar to give both her and Pemex the opportunity to provide evidence to defend why or why it is not possible to continue paying the post-mortem pension of Carlos Fernando Márquez Padilla. García, former coordinator of advisors for the oil company, while the amparo ruling is handed down.

“With the elements currently available, it is deemed appropriate to GRANT THE PROVISIONAL SUSPENSION with provisional restorative effects for the purpose of Petróleos Mexicanos delivering the amounts corresponding to the postmortem pension caused from the date of omission of payment, which alludes to the complainant and that it is deduced in an indicative manner from the copies of the account statements that it exhibits, that is, that it stopped paying as of March 2024, until the date of granting this provisional suspension; Likewise, so that his post-mortem pension is covered until the definitive suspension is issued, in the terms that were being applied to him,” the magistrates specified.

The claim for protection was processed before the Sixth District Judge on Labor Matters of the CDMX who ordered the file to be sent to the administrative courts since he considered that he is not competent to resolve the case.

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To date, no court in Administrative matters has notified the admission for processing of the amparo trial processed by Casar.

However, while that happens, the president of MCCI will be able to continue collecting her pension based on the resolution of the Board.

Once an administrative judge admits the amparo to be processed, Pemex will be able to provide evidence to try to have the measure rejected in the definitive suspension.

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