In this article, you will learn everything related to downloading 3utools for the computer, which is the application through which you can control all your iOS devices and evade the restrictions it imposes on users of its products.

It is an integrated program with many services that you can use on all iOS devices, including iPad and iPhone, in terms of the ability to download applications to the system, transfer files, and so on.

This is because iOS is a bit complicated and refuses to download some apps and share files with phones that have different operating systems.

3utools application

Download 3utools

Through this application, you can break the iOS system, tamper with your device, and have complete comfort in dealing with it, in terms of managing your files and applications, sharing photos, music, and more.

Through this application, you can also break the complex iCloud system that exists in all iOS devices, and then get rid of the conditions and complications with it.

This application is the ideal way for users of Apple products and devices and their iOS operating system, to control their device perfectly.

Features of the 3utools application

Now you will learn about all the features that are unique to the 3utools application, which make it one of the best applications for this content.

Among those features are the following:

  • Through this application, you can broadcast live from your iPhone screen to your computer.
  • The application is also free and does not require paying fees to access its services.
  • One of the most important features of this application is that it is completely free of annoying ads that are found in many other applications.
  • 3utools application servers are also fast in transferring information and data from the iOS device to the computer.
  • Through this application you can download many applications on your iOS phone, because it contains a store with many different applications.
  • In addition, this application gives you the advantage of installing files in IPA format on your iPhone.
  • One of the most distinctive features of this application, which makes it a powerful application, is its ability to prevent the current iPhone version from being updated on your mobile phone.
  • Also, if you change your phone for a new one, through this application you can transfer all the information and data from the old phone to the new one.
  • In addition, the application contains many languages ​​that you can use, in addition to the Arabic language as well, so we guarantee that you will not face any problem related to languages, whatever your language.
  • The application features an easy and simple interface, completely devoid of any complexity, and is therefore very suitable for all ages.
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These are the best features that you can get from the 3utools application once you download it, so download the application to get them.

New version of 3utools


The 3utools application development team is keen to update the application and introduce more features to it, with the aim of providing greater services through it and gaining the admiration of users.

The new version of the 3utools application features the ability to modify audio through it, in addition to the ability to change the language.

The feature of optimizing files and performing automatic copying of the application and re-copying has also been introduced. There is also another feature, which is improving Flash Pro. Flash is easy.

Of course, all applications in general have some drawbacks, as in the 3utools application, but we were keen to get rid of those drawbacks that were present in older versions.

When you download 3utools, it will automatically download the latest version of it, so do not hesitate and download the application to get the best way to evade the complexities of the iOS operating system.

Explanation of the 3utools application

Of course, the first step to dealing with any application is to download it, so you can download the 3utools program from here.

After you finish downloading 3utools on your computer, you will install it on the device and open it after that.

In the beginning, you will find that the application asks you to connect your iOS device to the computer via a USB cable. Do that and connect it to the computer, and when the process is successful, you will receive a message for sure.

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On the main page of the application, you will find that the main options for the application appear, with a menu on the right of the screen, which contains all the tools that you can use.

By clicking on “info” you will learn all the information about your mobile phone or the device that you have connected to the computer, and the “app” button to manage and control the applications on your mobile phone, and you can also download applications as well.

By clicking on the “import” button, you can create your own ringtone. You can also import songs and music from your computer, and then click on the word “Make Ringtone” so that ringtone will be on your phone.

You will learn about all the things that you can do by downloading the 3utools program, as the application is easy to use, because it contains an easy and simple application interface.

Here is the end of our article about downloading 3utools. We talked with you about all the information and features related to the application. We also presented some information about the new version of the application. All you have to do is download the application and enjoy all these features.

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