Android games are the most popular type of gaming in the world, and this is because they contain many advantages and, moreover, the Android operating system is the most widely used in the entire world. The thing that we all agree on is that football and sports games occupy a lofty position, and that is why today we will talk about one of the most famous of these games, downloading the complete PES 2011 game for Android in a small size of 50 MB with one direct link from Media Fire. Although it is somewhat old, it seems that it was generally launched in the late 2010s, and at that time the programming was not developed in the terrible way that we witness today, and there were not the necessary qualifications and tools to manufacture mythical games, but to this day it is still enjoyed in large numbers. From daily research among Arabs and foreigners.

This version in particular contains many essential features, the most important of which are those related to weak devices and those with low specifications. In addition to all of this, it is available for Android and there are copies of it in the form of patches for 2020 and others, and there are also modified versions with it. Arabic comment. Anyway, today I will give you a link to download Pro Evolution Soccer 2011.

About pes 2011 game

PES 2011 is one of the most famous football games of all time. It was launched by Pro Evilution Soccer. As we know, it is a game in which a football match takes place between two teams. What is distinctive about this version from all previous versions is that it is very small in size. It is only about 50 megabytes, meaning it does not reach even 60 megabytes, and in order to play it you will not need to download the obb file, which many large games need. Hacked games Others, it is also completely free.

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Frankly, I personally tried it and it made me tired, and I played it for a long time, because I had a weak phone that could not handle modern and large games, and I still do, haha. What is also nice about it is that it contains many teams and clubs and also has acceptable and wonderful graphics, as some people think. Since its size is small, it is undoubtedly weak internally, and this is wrong thinking, but in any case it is an excellent game. You can download the entire PES 2011 with one direct link from Media Fire in a very small size of only 50 MB.

I personally advise you to quickly download the game PES 2011 for Android because of its advantages. Many people want to download it, and if you search for it in the official stores, you will notice that there is a large number of downloads and interest, not to mention the positive reviews that it receives.

PES 2011 game features

The thing that we all know and agree on, without exception, is that this wonderful game is advanced and extremely popular. Of course, all of this did not come out of nowhere, but there are many reasons that made it reach this content. I will mention to you some of them:

  • Very small in size
  • It works on weak devices with limited specifications
  • Acceptable and high graphics
  • It has many sports teams, as well as many international and local clubs
  • You can also download it in Arabic, but this version may be rare
  • You can play it offline, and this is what I honestly like about it, as you do not have to play it in the presence of the Internet or Wi-Fi.
  • Very simple in design, and the graphical interface is easy and simple to control
  • It contains many control features, in terms of shooting and long kicks
  • It is available for Android and even iPhone, without forgetting the Windows computer
  • You can download the full game PES 2011 easily with one direct link from Mediafire.
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Download pes 2011

As I searched, my friend, the game is not available on the Google Play Store, so you must download from an external store, but do not worry, I have prepared for you a link to download PES 2011 in its entirety with a single direct link from Media Fire for Android, in a small size, as I said, only 50 MB. This can only be done by pressing the button below.

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Download full pes 2011 for Android in 50MB size

The steps are very easy and simple and are known to everyone without exception. After downloading the game PES 2011 for Android apk, all you have to do is go to the downloads file or the downloads file, and then all you have to do is install the game, and if you do not accept that, all you have to do is It allows installation from external sources. This game, as I mentioned, works with all weak Android devices.

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