At the present time, the value of academic education in public schools has fallen, and many amateurs have become self-teaching from the Internet at home, and this is through lessons spread on various various platforms, and speaking of the latter, we are undoubtedly talking about YouTube, as this site has become A home for publishers, professors, and many wonderful courses and lessons. In order to help you, my friend, in this matter, I am putting before you an explanation of downloading a complete playlist from YouTube using the IDM program and others, in various qualities and formats, whether mp3 or mp4, online and without programs.

Why do we need to download playlist from YouTube?

Before getting involved in the topic, I want to point out a very important point, which is why we torture ourselves and download a playlist from YouTube using the IDM program or without online programs, and why do we follow ourselves in order to do this!

On top of these reasons is the weak Internet in the Arab world. You will not be able to follow all the course lessons without suffering from the problem of Internet outages every time. This is because it is very slow, as our Arab countries occupy the lowest ranks in Internet services. The other reason is that obtaining the Internet is difficult for many. This requires obtaining money first to pay the various and terrifying bills. Without a doubt, you only get the Internet for a temporary period, and during this period you do not need to spend time downloading a lot of clips that are useful to you. In order to help you, I talked in a previous lesson about ways to get free internet, I advise you to read this article: Get free internet for Android without credit in several ways

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In fact, you may not find a website or even a blog that offers you a variety of ways, but today I will give you various ways to download playlist from YouTube. All you need is the application.

Download a playlist from YouTube

As I mentioned previously, there are many different ways to download playlist from YouTube, but of course they logically differ from each other in terms of efficiency, features, and even performance. There are limited methods and others are not, and there are those that are done online and there are those that are done by programs, and But do not worry, in this article I will tell you everything, my friend. Just apply it literally and take into account all the steps, and do not forget also to use these methods to download what is useful to you as my advice.

Download playlist from YouTube using IDM

Honestly, you can download Playlist from YouTube using the IDM Internet Download Manager program, known by the full and official name Internet Download Manager. But of course this will not be done directly, just copy the playlist link and paste it into the program, but you will need to use another intermediary, which is a specialized website. First, you must enter this site youtubemultidownloaderAnd it is like this:

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Download playlist from YouTube online easily using IDM
Download playlist from YouTube online easily using IDM
Download playlist from YouTube online without software using IDM

Now you copy the link to the special playlist that you want to download, and then put it on this wonderful site, and now you do not have much left to do, you click the download button after choosing the appropriate quality and format that you want. Below you will see some links. Copy them all, then go to your desktop and place them in a new text file. You don’t have much left to do. Go to the IDM program, then click on the tasks menu at the top, then the import button, choose text file, then select the file in which you previously placed the links. You select the options that suit you so that the download is completed in the manner you want, so that when four videos are finished downloading, the next one will be downloaded, and so on, until the process is finished.

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Program to download playlist from YouTube

The first method may seem complicated and difficult to you, especially since it has almost a lot of stages and some drawbacks. Therefore, I advise you on this method, which is better and which I personally use in many times and cases. First, you must download this program. 4k video downloaderYou install it normally and now you access it, it appears with this interface:

A program to download Playlist playlist from YouTube easilyA program to download Playlist playlist from YouTube easily
Program to download playlist from YouTube

You copy the link to the playlist you want to download, and this is very easy. Then you press the past link button. The videos start downloading temporarily. Then a box appears for you to choose the quality and format that suits you. The download will begin directly. Thus, a group of videos has been downloaded from YouTube. In one go and without problems, the playlist from YouTube that you wanted was downloaded in record time and without any hassle.

Before leaving the article, dear, I advise you to check Listcrawler.

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