The Yacine TV application for iPhone and Android is one of the best applications in the field of watching sports matches, especially the free BeIN Sports channels. In addition to many other Arab and even foreign channels, it allows you to watch various matches broadcast live for free and without interruption and with high quality. The application is also available for free with free download links, from which we will determine what is safe and working in the rest of our article, in addition to many features. We will summarize the features that made the application take the lead in its field in the rest of the article.

About the Yacine TV application

When designing the application, the application developers relied on simplicity and ease of use by its users, and we find this through the method of arranging the channels according to sports, movies, programs, and children’s classifications, which somewhat facilitates the process of searching and viewing by the user, and running the Yacine TV application does not It requires downloading the famous media player MX Player or VLC to play the episodes on it, as they play directly. Channels can be opened directly on the application with a resolution of up to FHD+, which naturally requires high internet flow. This is in addition to many of the characteristics and features that we will discuss in the following elements of the article, where we will discuss the Yacine TV application for Android first and then the Yacine TV application for iPhone second.

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Download the Yacine TV application for Android

You can download the Yacine TV application for Android through many sites that provide the application for free, as searches for it have increased recently after the many successes it has achieved and the great fame it has gained in the Arab world, due to the many features and wonderful characteristics that it enjoys. Especially the ease of use and downloading, and it works with different internet speeds, strong and weak, as you only specify the display quality.
You can download the Yacine TV application for Android after uploading it to Media Fire by clicking the button download.
Or through the official website of the application by clicking on the button download.
The following application website interface will appear to you:

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Basic features of Yacine TV for Android

The Yassin TV application was classified as the best application for watching games in 2018, and later included many encrypted and closed channels in its group, thus becoming the largest application for watching matches and programs. This is of course a result of its features and characteristics that make it unique from other applications, including:

  • It contains a large group of television and sports channels that exceed 230 channels, including, but not limited to, the most famous channels:
  1. BEIN SPORTS channel package such as:
    BEIN Sport News – BEIN Sport 1 – BEIN Sport 2 – BEIN Sport 3 – BEIN Sport 4 – BEIN Sport 5 – BEIN Sport 6 BEIN Sport 7 – BEIN Sport 8.
  2. OSN satellite channels.
  3. MBC channel package
  4. Various children’s channels.
  5. Arab news and documentary channels.
  • The application has its own player for watching encrypted channels.
  • The application provides different display qualities that suit your internet speed.
  • It allows you to watch television programs and important football matches using live broadcast technology, including Arab and European League matches.
  • It contains basic lists arranged around the content in an attractive and organized manner.
  • It contains a schedule of daily matches and a summary of them.
  • The application is also distinguished by its small size, simple design and easy to use.
  • The application is compatible with all phones running Android 4.0 and above.
  • It supports slow internet, thus making it possible to watch matches without interruption.
  • It supports all BeIN Sports channels in various qualities.
  • The application is constantly updated, all new channels are added to it, and all problems and errors are solved.
  • It does not contain ads, and sometimes simple ads appear, so it does not affect the viewer much.
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How to install yacine tv for Android

Installing the application is easy and simple like other well-known applications, and this is done by following the following simple steps:

  • You download the application through the link shown above.
  • You will find the application in apk format in the download file on your phone, click on it.
  • You activate the installation feature from unknown sources on your phone through the settings.
  • After installing the application and entering it, the application interface will appear for you to start using it.

Download the Yacine Tv application for iPhone

Unfortunately, contrary to what is rumored and circulating on various websites and blogs about providing the Yacine Tv application for the iPhone, it is false, misleading and completely baseless information. The truth of the matter is that, until now, there is no version of the Yacine Tv application for the iPhone. But only false and false profitable links and baseless articles about the existence of the Yassin TV application for iPhone. But on the other hand, there are some other applications in the same field as the Yacine Tv application. It allows watching live broadcasts of programs and matches, and if a copy of the application is available, we will inform you of that on our website.

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