Many iPhone users download whatsApp Web for iPhone, and this is instead of using WhatsApp on small iPhone phones, which have a small screen, because WhatsApp is one of the most widespread social networking applications around the world, as it provides many features and characteristics. Such wonderful things as text conversations and sending voice messages are free without paying any fees. In addition, it also contains many tools that work to help send location, photos, video clips, and audio clips.

whatsApp Web by number

Download WhatsApp Web iPhone whatsApp WebDownload WhatsApp Web iPhone whatsApp Web
Download WhatsApp Web iPhone whatsApp Web

A long time ago, WhatsApp provided the application with the feature of running WhatsApp on the computer through WhatsApp Web, but this feature has been released for all phone devices except iPhone phones, and recently the company made a new update that activates this feature for iPhone phones after waiting. iPhone owners have long been using this feature on their phones.

WhatsApp Web iPhone can be used through the following steps:

  • First, log in to the WhatsApp Web website using the number, then after logging in to WhatsApp Web using the number, the official website page will appear, and next to it is an image of a code called QR code, until WhatsApp Web is activated using the number.
  • Secondly, all you have to do is open the WhatsApp application on your phone, then click on the menu button in the WhatsApp application, then click on the settings button in the application, then choose the WhatsApp Web option.
  • Third, the code scanner will appear to you, which is present in the form of a QR code, and thus it will open
    Web WhatsApp iPhone Easily after copying this code, you can use WhatsApp Web on your computer and deal with all messages and data.

Download WhatsApp Web for iPhone

The WhatsApp Web application for iPhone is considered one of the best free applications that works on the iPhone and iPad with the highest possible quality. In addition, it does not have any high-resolution specifications, nor does it require any paid subscription. In addition, it is available in the App Store for phones. iPhone easily by typing the name of the application in the search box in the store, then clicking Install.

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Explaining the use of the WhatsApp application for iPhone

WhatsApp provides a security feature, so that no one spies on your messages and protects all information on your iPhone. Group conversations can also be created, which can reach more than two hundred and fifty-six people within the group, and updating is done by writing. Voice and video calls.

The application is considered one of the best easy-to-use applications. In addition, it supports 3D Touch. As for its download method, it is very simple and easy. The application must be installed, then open the application and create a new account, in order to use all the capabilities it offers. Application.

WhatsApp Web mobile link

Download WhatsApp Web iPhone whatsApp WebDownload WhatsApp Web iPhone whatsApp Web
Download WhatsApp Web iPhone whatsApp Web

It is possible to provide a WhatsApp Web link for the iPhone mobile phone with ease and benefit from the wonderful features that it provides, and among these features are:

  • This application monitors all accounts belonging to children, family, and friends, and knows what they do with their accounts.
  • In addition, one of the most important features of the application is that it has a very elegant interface, and the number of users of the application increases day after day until it has become one of the most important and indispensable current applications.
    One of the features of the WhatsApp Web iPhone application is that it provides a set of settings and options that control all the capabilities of the application in the best possible way.
    The application is also lightweight on all iPhone devices, in addition to that, it does not consume system resources and features.
  • It also works to secure the feature of verifying the user’s identity and connecting the account to the browser easily and quickly. All that is done is to open the camera from the WhatsApp Web iPhone application and scan the code.
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WhatsApp Web to spy on iPhone

It is possible to access the application from iPhone phones through many browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera, where a link is provided, which can be linked to the personal account through the application that was downloaded on the phone.

It is also not possible to download WhatsApp Web on your iPhone, because it is available on the official website of the WhatsApp application, as this service can be used through the Internet browser with ease and without facing any problem at all.

Therefore, iPhone owners can use WhatsApp Web with ease in the new update launched by WhatsApp.

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