Orange Company provides many different services, and the most important of these services is knowing the Orange number in the best different ways. There are many Orange customers who face difficulty in saving their numbers, or in the case of purchasing a new line, or if the phone contains more than one SIM card. This happens in some cases. Sometimes we get distracted and forget, so there are many different methods that you can follow to find out the number easily without having to go to any Orange branch, and among these methods are codes, customer service numbers, or others.

Code to know the Orange number

Find out the Orange number in the best different waysFind out the Orange number in the best different ways

It is possible to inquire about your phone number easily by dialing a special code for this service, which is #119#, and this is done by following the following steps:

  • Type this code #119# and then press the Etisalat button.
  • Then a message will appear to you containing your phone number, and this is done for free without the need to pay any subscription fees or costs imposed on all Orange customers.

Thus, you can easily know your Orange number to subscribe to some packages, whether for calls, the Internet, or to top up the balance over the air.

How to know the Orange SIM number

In addition to the code method, there is also another method through which your number can be easily known. This method can be used by all people who own an Android phone. All you have to do is follow the following steps:

  • All you have to do is enter your phone’s settings, then click on the About Phone or About Phone option.
  • Then choose the status option, and your phone data will appear to you under my phone number option, without containing any codes.
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You can also find out Orange’s number by calling one of the customer service numbers and following the instructions requested by a customer service representative, then choosing the option to find out my phone number, and thus you will receive a message containing your phone number.

How to inquire about Orange Morocco SIM number

Find out the Orange number in the best different waysFind out the Orange number in the best different ways

Some people in Morocco also want to know their Orange number, formerly known as Medtel. Just type this code #555#, then press the call button, and a list with six options will appear.

Then, write one account number, then click on the Send option. Thus, you will find a list in front of you. Choose number 2, my phone number, and finally, your Orange number will appear to you with ease.

In addition, there is another method that can be followed, which is to call Orange customer service number in Morocco 555, then follow the instructions, as Orange provides a wonderful service, which is the automatic response service in three different languages: Arabic, Amazigh, and French. This is… The language is one of the official languages ​​in the State of Morocco.

How to inquire about the Orange Israel SIM number

There is a code that you can use to find out your Mobinil number with ease. All you have to do is follow the following steps, whether the phone is an iPhone or Android:

  • First, type this code *115#, then click on the call message and follow the instructions that appear to you.
  • Secondly, your phone number in Israel will appear to you with ease, and it is also possible to enter the company’s official website and inquire about any details related to your line with ease.
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You can find out your Orange phone number easily through this code or contact customer service, and you will receive a message immediately containing your phone number.

Find out the Orange phone number

Find out the Orange number in the best different waysFind out the Orange number in the best different ways

To find out the Orange number easily through the code that we mentioned, or by contacting customer service, or through the phone settings, there are some basic codes in Orange that must be known, which are:

  • The code to find out the Orange line number is #119#. There is also a code to find out the balance #100#3#. As for the customer service number for Orange systems, it is 400, and the customer service number for Orange is 110.
  • In addition, there is a Orange customer service number that can be contacted through any landline number 16110.
  • There are also some codes that cannot be dispensed with, which are the Call me Shukran service #100#2#. As for the Call Me Shukran service, it is requested through the following code #phone number #122*.
  • So that you can inquire about any information about recharging the balance, you can call the customer service number 321, and so that you can find out about some Orange offers, you can call 300 or dial the following code #12#.
  • There is also a code to subscribe to internet packages #100#, and regarding the Orange card recharge code #card number#102*.

Thus, you can benefit from all the services provided by Orange to its valued customers without having to pay any fees or costs.

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