The world today has become extremely advanced in various fields, especially the technical field, as it is the dominant field and prevails over other fields in all aspects. Technology is one of the Programming Information security has today become an integral part of any other field, even if the latter has no relation to the technical field at all. Yes, as this technology develops, it develops with it. Hackers And not only ethical hackers, but also crackers and black hats who develop malicious software that harms your device and steals your data, called viruses. To avoid this and protect your device, whether it is a computer or phone, you must download

Anti-virus We will explain everything to you in this post.

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What are viruses?

Viruses are malicious programs that multiply rapidly and are transmitted over the Internet by downloading mined files and across devices by transferring files. They were developed by hackers or crackers with the intention of sabotaging files on a device, encrypting it, deleting data on it, or stopping the device from working. In order to achieve a specific goal, sometimes for revenge or pleasure only, and other times to demand a sum of money from the victim as a ransom to retrieve his data and files.

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What are the most dangerous types of viruses?

The most dangerous types of viruses that have spread recently are ransom viruses, which are also malicious programs that spread across the Internet and infect Windows devices in large numbers. What distinguishes this type of virus is that it completely encrypts the files and data on your device, and you will not be able to access them, and from its name, of course. What is known about it is that it demands a ransom from you, which is a certain amount of money that you pay to the hacker who developed the virus in order to obtain decryption and recover your data and files. But the sad thing here is when the virus demands a very large sum, especially if the data is sensitive, and if you pay, you will not get it. Decryption, so you must download an antivirus before the disaster happens, as prevention is better than cure.

Trojan horse viruses are also considered somewhat dangerous viruses because they hide on the Internet in the form of regular files, whether with the exe, mp3, bat, or other extensions. When you think that you have downloaded a game, program, or even music, or anything else, then you have downloaded a Trojan and it will cause It can cause harm to your device, so you should check the files before downloading them and also do not download them from unreliable sources. There are many types of viruses and we do not have time to mention them all. We will write a blog post about this topic and explain it in detail later.

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How do you know that your device is infected with viruses?

When your device is infected with any type of virus, you will find that:

  • It has become very slow in performing anything and takes longer when running it
  • It takes longer to process any command, especially when opening programs or applications
  • It also shows you an error message frequently and often, and it always gets blocked
  • Also, when you copy any file, a message appears saying that you do not have enough space, even though you have a large amount of free space.

How do you protect your computer or phone from viruses?

Antivirus for computers and phones, latest version

To protect your device from infection with viruses, regardless of their type and severity, the first step is to check the download links. That is, before downloading any suspicious file from the Internet, you must check the download link on the scanning sites.

Which informs you whether the link is healthy or contains some type of virus.

The best antivirus program for phone and computer

You should always ensure the safety of your device by checking it from day to day using an antivirus. As we mentioned above, viruses spread and multiply quickly, and eliminating the virus before it spreads and destroys most of the device’s files will be better and easier.

So, we find one of the best antiviruses for computers and phones kaspersky It is paid, but we have provided you with the paid version for free

Download it now and protect your computer and phone from viruses and malware:

From uptodown store: Download Kaspersky for computers for free, the latest version

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