The goal of many translators is usually to work for a company Accredited translation offices like: Translation office Rosetta or working in an embassy, ​​which makes them search for an answer to their question: What is the salary of a translator in embassies?

Which we will answer, but after we explain the reasons that make Rosetta Certified Translation Office an ideal choice for translators looking for a good job opportunity and also clients who want to obtain a high-quality translation service.

Rosetta Translation Office is one of the most important accredited translation offices in Egypt and the Middle East. The office is accredited by all official authorities and universities, in addition to its accreditation by all embassies.

In addition, the Maadi Certified Translation Office relies in providing its services on its certified translators who have extensive experience in the fields of translation.

The office is also keen to entrust the translation of its projects to its translators who are local speakers of the target language.

The Rosetta work team does not include only local translators, but the Rosetta Translation Services Office has certified translators representing it and spread out in a number of countries around the world, such as: America, Britain, France, Russia, China, the Emirates, and many other countries.

When do you need a certified translation?

You need a certified translation while traveling or obtaining a visa, such as Obtaining a Schengen visa When traveling to any European country, or documenting private papers For import and export companies Or other commercial transactions.

This enables the office to work on providing high-quality translation services to and from more than 30 international languages, such as: French, Chinese, Russian, English, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Dutch, and Spanish.

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In addition, Rosetta Office also works to provide a number of various translation services, which include:

Certified translation services, interpretation, specialized translation services, and Arabization.

How much is the salary of a translator at embassies?

It ranges from $500 to $2000 per month, but it is not easy to determine a specific value for the salary that embassy translators receive.

The value of the salary varies according to a number of criteria, including:

  • The translator’s experience: The translator’s experience is one of the important elements on which determining the value of the salary depends, as the more years of experience the translator has, the more this contributes to the increase in his salary.
  • The service that the translator will provide is a simultaneous or written translation service.
  • Academic certificates obtained by the translator.
  • The translator’s degree of mastery of the language.

The salary received by embassy translators also varies from one embassy to another.

How do you get a job in embassies?

Just type in Google about a translator job in the embassy you want. You will be shown many embassy advertisements to work as a translator there, and the conditions for working as a translator are according to each embassy.

Do I need to get a certificate?

Of course, you must obtain a qualification in the field of translation and a certificate from a well-known university.

How much does a translator earn in Kuwait?

The salary for a translator in Kuwait ranges from 400 dinars to 1,500 dinars.

Translation services at a certified translation office in Maadi

In addition to the components that Rosetta Certified Translation Office has that place it at the forefront of the best accredited translation offices, we find that the diversity of services is one of the most important of these components.

The Maadi Certified Translation Office provides many translation services, which include:

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Specialized translation services

It is one of the important services that Rosetta Certified Translation Office works to provide, as the office works through this service to translate various projects from several fields, such as:

  • Medical fields.
  • Scientific fields.
  • Areas of technical translation.
  • Literary translation.
  • Legal fields.
  • Commercial and financial fields.

Certified translation services

Since Rosetta Translation Office is one of the translation offices accredited by embassies and various other governmental and non-governmental agencies, the office works to provide services to translate all types of documents whose translation requires a certified translation.

Among the types of documents that Rosetta Office works to translate are:

  • Educational certificates.
  • Bank statements.
  • Birth certificates.
  • Personal cards.
  • Legal and commercial contracts.
  • Experience Certificates.
  • Trade agreements.
  • Tax cards and business records.
  • Marriage contracts.

This is in addition to many other types of documents that Rosetta’s office works to translate.

Simultaneous translation

Simultaneous translation is one of the services that the Maadi Certified Translation Office is keen to provide, as the office works to assign this service to its interpreters with extensive experience, who work to provide all types of simultaneous translation services, which include:

Sequential, informational, and simultaneous interpretation, in addition to whisper interpretation, conference and seminar translation, and also interpretation for medical, commercial, and legal fields.

The translation services provided by the Rosetta Certified Translation Office also include Arabization services, through which the office works to Arabize websites, applications, and programs, as well as Arabizing online instructions and company instructions.

Why a certified translation office in Maadi?

The Maadi Certified Translation Office has many components that enable you to trust and rely on it, and the most prominent of these components are:

  • The office is accredited by many embassies and official bodies.
  • The office has a team of certified translators.
  • The office has more than 20 years of experience.
  • There are many translation services provided by Rosetta Certified Translation Office.
  • There are also many languages ​​from which the office provides translation services.
  • The high quality that characterizes all translations of the Maadi Certified Translation Office, in addition to achieving the quality standards ISO 9001 – 2008.
  • The complete confidentiality and privacy that the office provides to its clients.

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