Etisalat Company provides many services, such as the borrowing service from Etisalat in the best ways. Sometimes we may need to make some important calls but they do not have any credit on their phone, and because Etisalat Company cares very much about its valued customers, it provided them with the “Salafni Shukran” service.

It is also one of the things that is most searched for on a daily basis, so a code has been provided for the Salivny Shukran service. There are also on-note services from Etisalat, through which one can make calls and browse social media sites.

Borrowing code from Etisalat

Borrowing from Etisalat in the best waysBorrowing from Etisalat in the best ways
Borrowing from Etisalat in the best ways

The Salivny Shukran service is one of the best services provided by the company, as it is possible to borrow up to an amount of up to 12 pounds, and for some old lines the amount is more.

You can borrow from Etisalat by following these steps:

  • First, all you have to do is dial the Etisalat borrowing code, which is *911#, from your phone.
  • Secondly, you will receive a message confirming the success of the borrowing process and benefiting from the balance. Thus, you can get four pounds every time you use the Salafni Shukran service, until it reaches twelve pounds.
  • Where the advance amount is paid, and in the case of charging the balance, they are deducted from the available balance, in addition to deducting one pound on each advance. If you advance three pounds, the amount owed to you will be four pounds.
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How to borrow from Etisalat regarding the balance

It is possible to borrow from Etisalat and use this borrowed balance for calls, messages, or the Internet. Loans are made by dialing this code #911*, as it is also possible to use this code to know the number of times you have borrowed.

This service is also valid for all Etisalat customers, but the line must have been owned for at least three months. In addition, in order for you to borrow an amount of up to twenty-four pounds, the line must have been in use for six months.

Know the value of borrowing from Etisalat

Borrowing from Etisalat in the best waysBorrowing from Etisalat in the best ways
Borrowing from Etisalat in the best ways

If you would like to know the balance that you have borrowed after using the Salafni Shukran service several times, you can dial the following codes *240# or this code *3*558# or #888* or also through the borrowing code itself *911#.

There are some other codes that you can know so that you can know the value of the loan, which are *555*3#

There are also some conditions that must be met to use the Salafny Shukran service from Etisalat, which are:

  • The customer must have no balance or the available balance must be less than one pound, in order for the Etisalat borrowing process to be successful.
  • A period of no less than three months must have passed since the purchase of the line, in order for the advance process to be completed successfully.
  • In addition, a balance of at least ten pounds must have been consumed since purchasing the line.
  • In addition, twenty-four pounds cannot be borrowed unless six months or more have passed since the purchase of a telecommunications line.
  • You cannot borrow Etisalat credit unless the previous borrowing process is paid and then enjoy the service again.
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Receive Net from Etisalat

By borrowing from Etisalat and requesting the Salafni Shukran service code, it is possible to use this borrowed balance to make calls, text messages, or the Internet as you wish.

In addition, you can use the Salafni Shukran service, in order to use the Internet for only two pounds per megabyte throughout the day. This service is provided to all customers of various lines, such as prepaid card customers or Etisalat Control customers.

So that you can also monitor your megabyte consumption, dial the following code *556#.

How do I borrow credit from Etisalat?

There are two methods that you can follow, the first is to request the code, and the second method is by downloading the My Etisalat application.

After you finish downloading the application, open it. Click on the Services option, then Pay Me. You will then receive a message that four pounds have been successfully transferred to you.

50MB code for note from Etisalat

Borrowing from Etisalat in the best waysBorrowing from Etisalat in the best ways
Borrowing from Etisalat in the best ways

Etisalat provides the Salafni Net service of up to 50 MB, which you can use 24 hours a day, until twelve in the morning.

Through it, you can browse websites and social media and watch videos in the event that you do not have a balance or your package has expired. The cost of this service is two and a half pounds, which is deducted when the balance is recharged, and this is done when dialing the code *911#.

You can also renew an on-note package if you do not have any credit and want to renew your package. You can also renew through an on-note package.

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