Online shopping is very widespread in developed countries, and this is due to the many distinctive services it provides to customers of different products, in addition to multiple copies of the product, meaning it shows you a copy from each country, and also at a low price compared to regular stores. Online shopping or purchasing online provides You have to do a lot of things, the most important of which is the price, because the products that the sites offer are from private companies, meaning that you will buy the product at the price at which it is sold by the company. I am talking about the products that companies sell and not the ones that people put up for sale. These are often used, and it also gives you all the information about the product to see that Whether it suits you or not, it also provides you with the product in different sizes and different types, in addition to providing many similar and different products, meaning that you will find great freedom in choosing what you like and what suits you, and you will not have to buy a product that you do not like.

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What products are available for purchase online?

There are no specific products sold on Internet On the other hand, no. You can buy anything, regardless of its type or type, and whether it is harmful or beneficial, you will find various good and bad products. Therefore, you must shop in a rational and organized manner. Therefore, you must choose a famous site known for its credibility and good products. Yes, you will find various products on Depending on what you want and where you shop.

Good and legal products

As for the good products, they are in turn divided into good products and other bad products, and by bad here I mean bad and poor quality and not like the ones we will mention later. So the good products are those that you find on the famous online shopping and purchasing sites such as eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, etc. Other shopping sites, so on such sites you find the products that we consume daily or that we use or need in our daily lives, electronic devices such as phones, computers, and others, accessories such as watches, chains, rings, and others, clothes and shoes, electronic machines, and Many other things. As for the quality of the product, whether it is good or bad, this is up to you according to your knowledge of the information about the product that was provided by the seller. This is about good products.

Bad and banned products

As for bad products, people who search for prohibited things and products find them on the deep web or the dark web, as it is a place that contains all the legally prohibited things and products that would put you in prison if they are found with you, for example, drugs of all kinds and types, weapons of all kinds and types, and even trade. Humans are active in it and you will find people who will not have mercy on your privacy, but rather will attack it and threaten you with it. It is considered the most dangerous and dirtiest place on the Internet to talk about. We have previously written a topic about Deep Web Check out what things are in it. I am talking about it not to encourage you to buy prohibited things, but to inform you that it is a dangerous place and you do not have to go there to buy a product on the Internet, as most of the products in it will cause you to go to prison for years.

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How to buy online safely?

In order to purchase a product online safely and ensure that the product reaches you, you must shop on the Internet rationally by taking the following things into consideration:

  • Do not buy from unknown sites on the Internet, as your money may be stolen
  • Do not buy from prohibited places on the Internet, such as the Deep Web
  • Purchase from well-known, safe and reliable shopping sites
  • Before purchasing any product, review its description and make sure that it is suitable for you
  • Before purchasing any product, find out whether it is returnable or has guarantees or not
  • Make sure you get the product number correctly so that you can track it or get your money back if it does not arrive
  • Make sure that the product you are going to buy is not banned in your country, as banned products are stopped by customs
  • Make sure to include your information correctly so that you do not lose the product or receive it somewhere far away

We talked previously about the best and most famous Online shopping sites Check it out

The online purchasing process is very simple and easy, as all you have to do is enter one of the specialized sites that I talked about previously, such as Amazon, eBay, Souq, etc., after that all you have to do is order the item. You must provide your personal information, such as address, phone number, name, and surname. After that, all you have to do is order and the product will arrive to you within a specific period of time at the mail center.

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The method varies from one site to another, but is common to all sites in terms of the aforementioned principle. There are sites where you must pay first by Visa or other available payment methods, and there are those that offer the feature of payment on delivery.

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