Many people want to cancel entertainment services from Orange 2021, because some users subscribe to entertainment services incorrectly, which leads to unusual depletion of the balance without knowing the reason. Among these services are call tone services, call forwarding services, call saving services, and some entertainment services. And news as well, so there are many different and diverse codes for each of these services that can be used to unsubscribe with ease, so we will present these codes to you.

Cancel subscription to Orange services

Canceling entertainment services from Orange in 2021Canceling entertainment services from Orange in 2021
Canceling entertainment services from Orange in 2021

There are many entertainment services that Orange offers to its valued customers, but some users find that they drain the balance in an unusual manner and want to cancel these entertainment services.

However, when subscribing to these services incorrectly, some steps may be followed to cancel entertainment services from Orange:

  • First, all you have to do is log in to the official Orange website, then log in to your account by writing your Orange phone number.
  • Secondly, choose the entertainment option, then the newsletter section, which contains all the entertainment services. Thus, a page containing all the services will appear. Cancel the service that you do not want with ease.

Canceling Orange services that withdraw the balance

There are many different methods that can be followed in order to cancel Orange entertainment services, including:

When Orange provides services, it also provides a cancellation code for these services, so that Orange customers can cancel them easily. In the event that you are subscribed to any of the services, for example, the Gameloft Club service, the entertainment services from Orange are canceled by writing the word “cancel” in a text message or Write the word Unsub in English and the service will be canceled immediately.

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Thus, you can use this method to cancel all the various entertainment services without facing any problem at all, as it does not require a few seconds for the process to be completed successfully.

Orange entertainment services cancellation code

If you do not know the entertainment services subscribed to on your Orange line, you should call Orange’s customer service number and you will be answered immediately at the following number 110.

In addition, there is a code that you can write to cancel all entertainment services at once. You can dial the following code #888# to find out which services you subscribe to and cancel them as well, as Orange provides many wonderful entertainment services to provide the greatest amount of enjoyment to its valued customers.

Canceling the jokes service from Orange

Canceling entertainment services from Orange in 2021Canceling entertainment services from Orange in 2021
Canceling entertainment services from Orange in 2021

Orange’s joke service consists of sending funny and funny situations on a daily basis, but if you want to cancel this service, you can follow some methods, such as:

Call Orange customer service number 110 and listen to the voice instructions, then choose to chat with a customer service representative. When a customer service representative answers you, ask him to cancel the Jokes service, and he will take the necessary measures.

It is also possible to visit Orange’s official website, then go to the My Account option, then manage the services activated on your private line, then choose the joke service, then click on the cancel option. Thus, you will receive a text message telling you to cancel the joke service.

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Cancel orange tv service

Orange is working to provide some codes for the Orange TV service, whether subscribing to it or canceling it. It is possible to subscribe to it by dialing this code #56# and then pressing call, or it is possible to send a message with one number written on it to the number 9132. As for subscribing to this service, it is one pound per day.

This service is one of the services suitable for all the different systems in Orange, and it is used by sending the company a code that the user can use in the private browser on his phone with ease. In the event that a full balance is not available, the company has the right to cancel the subscription to the service.

You can also cancel this service by sending a text message with the word Cancel or UNSUB written on it, and you will receive a message that the process was successful.

Canceling entertainment services on Orange

Canceling entertainment services from Orange in 2021Canceling entertainment services from Orange in 2021
Canceling entertainment services from Orange in 2021

Among these entertainment services that are provided are: Your Guide service, Internet Kalam service, Horoscope Kalam service, Today’s Fazora service, I know service, IQ testing service, Live in Art service, and Abla Fadela service via the Internet.

It is possible to cancel entertainment services from Orange with ease using only one code, without the need for a code for each service at all.

If you are one of the people who do not prefer the services for which the subscription is paid on a daily basis, you can cancel them easily, because Orange provides all services and cancels them to make it easier for its valued customers.

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