In this article, you will learn all the information related to PUBG 2, which is an extension of the best battle and war games in the world, PUBG Mobile, so by reading this article you will learn about all the features of the game, and the content in it will be presented with a comparison between it and PUBG. Official Mobile.

During the article, you will also learn about the disadvantages of this game as well, and the things that are present in it that are not found in the official game, in addition to many other information. All of this and more are what you will learn during this article. Continue to learn more.

Download PUBG 2 New state

By reading this article, you will learn about the game PUBG Mobile 2 and all the information related to it, in terms of the features that distinguish the game from others, as well as the disadvantages, etc.

A quick comparison will also be made between it and the official PUBG Mobile game, clarifying the differences between each of them. All this and more of what you will learn during this article. Continue to learn more.

Changes in PUBG 2

In this paragraph, you will learn about all the different things about the official PUBG Mobile game, in PUBG 2.

Among those things are the following:

  • You will find that the game PUBG 2 takes you clearly into the future in terms of graphics, game design, etc., especially to the year 2051, with the game existing in a world on the verge of collapse.
  • What is different from PUBG Mobile is that the game time will not last more than half an hour, but the rest of the system is the same, where 100 players are on an island and fight each other to win the match.
  • In addition, the game comes to you with a unique design, in terms of designing the clothes in the game, characters, etc., as it is somewhat different from the official PUBG Mobile game.
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Mostly, these differences are the most prominent between the game PUBG 2 and the official PUBG Mobile, and we also guarantee that you will get the best simulation in the game similar to the official PUBG Mobile.

Features of pubg game

Now you will learn about all the features that the new PUBG game comes with.

Among those features are the following:

  • The game contains the same weapons as the official PUBG Mobile game, in addition to some other new weapons such as the SNIPER, which was developed from the previous one.
  • Drones have also been introduced into the game as well.
  • In addition, there are many new and different-designed vehicles in the game, very similar to the vehicles in CALL IF DUTY.
  • Also, the houses in PUBG 2 or PUBG Part 2 are somewhat different in design from the official PUBG Mobile game, as glass has been introduced into their design.
  • In addition, there is armor similar to the one in CALL OF DUTY, and this is one of the most important advantages of the game.
  • In terms of the style of play in PUBG 2, you will find that there are missiles falling on you from the sky like those in RED ZONE, but with some differences, which makes the game more fun and exciting.

These are the most prominent features of the game, which give the general atmosphere of the game more excitement and excitement. All you have to do is start downloading PUBG 2 to get these features.

New PUBG game story

The new PUBG game is considered the best game that has jumped into the future, providing more than wonderful simulations accordingly, as the game content advances to the year 2051.

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The game will also be more developed and keep up with developments than the official PUBG Mobile game, due to the introduction of many things such as drones and various vehicles into the design, in addition to it taking some designs for vehicles and armor from the famous CALL OF DUTY game.

Several settings have been introduced into the game that aim to change the exploitation environment, as well as a trailer showing battles through an empty mall, vehicles littered with neon lights and additional weapons.

In addition, there are many interactive objects in the game, and the general form in which these objects will exist and what their role in the game will be has not yet been clarified.

Graphics in the game

Since we mentioned that the game comes with content related to the distant future, it is expected that it will be excellent in everything, whether graphics, graphics, or otherwise.

And this is true, as the game comes with graphics that will push the maximum of mobile games, and this is done by introducing global lighting to increase the realism and intensity of the game.

We would like to clarify that there will be a large number of advertisements in the game, due to PUBG’s cooperation in the past with the mobile phone company “ONE PLUS”. OnePlus will release a new phone in the near future, so it is expected that there will be Advertisements in the game.

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