Many Orange customers are wondering about the code to know the Mobinil Orange number 2021. Many people have Orange lines but do not know what their number is for several reasons in the case of purchasing a new Orange line or in the case of forgetting or in the case of having more than one line on the phone.

Therefore, Orange has provided several ways to find out the number with ease, including codes, customer service numbers, or others, as Orange has been considered one of the best and leading companies in the field of communications for a long time.

Mobinil number extraction code

Code to know Mobinil Orange number 2021Code to know Mobinil Orange number 2021
Code to know Mobinil Orange number 2021

There are many Orange customers who sometimes face difficulty in saving their numbers, so Orange provides them with many services, including the code to know the Mobinil number, which can be used at any time and also for free, and this code is as follows #119# from the right. To the left.

After you finish writing this code, press the call button and wait just a few seconds, and thus your Orange line number will appear directly on your phone screen. The company also provides many other codes that can be used to find out the balance or service. Call me Shukran or the Salafni Shukran service or any of the other services such as subscribing to some internet and call packages.

Find out the orange chip number

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In addition to the code to know the Mobinil Orange number, there are several other ways through which it is possible to know the Orange number as well. Among these methods, if you are an Android phone user, you will be able to find out with ease by following the following steps:

  • First, go to your phone settings.
  • Secondly, all you have to do is click on the About Phone or About Phone option.
  • Third, choose the status option, and the phone data will appear to you, which will be located under my phone number box, without the need for any codes.

Orange phone number

Code to know Mobinil Orange number 2021Code to know Mobinil Orange number 2021
Code to know Mobinil Orange number 2021

It is possible to also contact the Orange customer service number to find out the Orange Mobinil number, and a customer service representative will respond to you and call the following number 110, or it is also possible to contact customer service via any landline on the following number 16110.

You can also find out your Mobinil number by downloading the my orange application with ease, through which you can obtain many distinguished services that you may want without having to go to any Orange branch such as this service.

Find out the SIM number in Mobinil USB modem

There are many Orange customers who own a USB modem SIM card and would like to know the SIM number, so there are several different ways to find out, including:

  • One of the easiest ways that you can use is to find your SIM number on the Orange SIM box. If you do not have the SIM box, when you put the SIM in your computer, the SIM number will appear to you.
  • There is also another way, which is to call the customer service number 110 from any Orange phone or the landline number 16110 from any landline. When a customer service representative answers you, he will ask for the number on the SIM card, and in this way he will give you your SIM number.
  • Or it is also possible to find out through your phone settings by clicking on the About Phone option and then choosing the status. Thus, you will find in front of you all the data for the phone and the Orange line.
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Know the SIM name: Main Orange

It is possible to easily find out the Mobinil number and all its data by accessing the official Orange company page. Communication can also be done on the Orange company’s Facebook page or through the Orange account on Twitter.

In addition, you can contact Orange’s technical support through its postal code, which is 11221. In addition, you can contact the customer service number 110, and they will respond to any inquiry you may have.

The most important basic Orange codes

Code to know Mobinil Orange number 2021Code to know Mobinil Orange number 2021
Code to know Mobinil Orange number 2021

There are many codes that cannot be completely dispensed with, and among these codes is the phone number inquiry code #119#, and there is also a balance inquiry code, which is #100#3#.

As for the Salivny Shukran code #100#2#, there is also the Call Me Shukran code #phone number#121*, and regarding the balance transfer code #12# or by calling the customer service number 300, you can also subscribe to any of the internet packages by requesting The following code is #100#.

Thus, if you want to know the Mobinil number, you can use any of these methods that we mentioned and obtain these services for free without having to pay any fees.

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