Many Orange customers want to know the consumption of the Orange Internet package in the most reliable way, so that they can know the remaining gigabytes, as Orange is considered one of the best and leading telecommunications companies in the field of communications that provides many distinguished services such as knowing all the information related to the Internet package, and it also… It offers many different packages, whether it is an Internet package on an Orange line or home internet from Orange, which are available at the fastest speed to choose what is appropriate for them.

Code to know the consumption of the Orange internet package

Knowing Orange internet consumption in more than one wayKnowing Orange internet consumption in more than one way

All Orange customers can easily know the consumption of their orange internet package by dialing the following code #136# in the easiest possible way and for free, without paying any subscription fees at all.
It is also possible to contact the company’s customer service and they will respond immediately to the following number 110. If you want to subscribe to the internet package, dial this code #100#4#. The same code can also be used in the event of renewal. Internet package as well.

In addition, there are many daily offers offered by Orange, whether online or through calls. To know about these wonderful offers, you can dial #12# or call the customer service number 300 and find out all the offers with ease.

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Know your Orange Net balance

There are many different methods that can be followed to easily know the consumption of the orange internet package, and among these methods are:
The first method: It is possible to enter the orang adsl website, and the home page will appear before you. You will choose the My Balance option. In this option, you will find everything related to the consumption of the internet package and the gigabyte that was used on today’s date as well.
As for the second method: It is to download the Orange application called “I am Orange”, then log in and create your own account in the application using the phone number, where you can through the application know the consumption of your internet package, but you must connect to the Internet through Orange, because the application does not allow Using the Internet via Wi-Fi.
•There is also The third methodYou can find out the consumption of the Orange Internet package through the official Orange website. This is done by opening the Google Chrome browser and opening the official website to track the Internet consumption and find out the renewal date.

Knowing the consumption of the Orange 4G internet package

Knowing Orange internet consumption in more than one wayKnowing Orange internet consumption in more than one way

Orange provides many different methods through which you can know the consumption of the orange 4G internet package, which may be renewed if it expires before its renewal date, as you can find out through the Orange application or through code #100# or Through customer service, you can easily control the use of your internet package.

Orange 4G Internet packages are also considered one of the best services provided by Orange in home internet packages without the need for a landline, as they provide packages that can reach 240 GB and speeds that can reach 150 MB. What distinguishes these wonderful packages is that they Higher capacity and speed.

In addition, you can subscribe to these easy packages through the official website, go to one of the company’s branches, or call the company’s customer service number 16333.

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Knowing the consumption of the Orange DSL internet package

Most Orange internet packages nowadays are limited, as each package has a specific download capacity, and many users consume the package completely before it is due to renew it, which leads to charging an additional internet package, but to solve this problem, you can find out the orange internet package, so Usage is controlled.

All you have to do is open the official Orange website, then click on the “My Balance” option, and you will see in front of you all the data related to the package and your usage. It is also possible to click on the “View invoice” option to know your invoice. If you want to pay the invoice, click on the “Pay the invoice” option.

Knowing the internet consumption of the Orange router

Knowing Orange internet consumption in more than one wayKnowing Orange internet consumption in more than one way

It is possible to know your Orange internet consumption easily through the My Orange application, through which you can find out all the information for free.

Or you can contact customer service by informing them of your phone number on which the Internet service is available, but sometimes it is customer service, which leads to waiting, but you can request the code or use the application or the official website and you will be able to know immediately without the need to Wait.
Orange’s Internet services are considered among the best services that provide the fastest speed and capacity ever, especially 4G networks. They also provide various packages so you can choose the package that suits your requirements and needs and enjoy the wonderful Internet speed.

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