When thinking about buying a new phone, there are some concerns about the process of transferring data from iPhone to iPhone, and whether it is done successfully without losing files during the transfer. Of course, you need to use a safe and secure program to transfer files from iPhone to iPhone. Today we recommend to you the most famous program around the world for transferring information. From iPhone to iPhone, MobileTrans is the first program to transfer data professionally from one phone to another, regardless of the type of phone, its system, or the technology used, whether Windows or Mac. Learn about the details of the program, how to use it, and the functions it performs, in addition to users’ opinions and its value. Subscription and the program’s many benefits. Continue reading.

What is a program MobileTrans And what is his job ?

MobileTrans is the best program to recover data from iPhone to iPhone. Through these lines, we will learn about the program’s function and…How to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone.

Have you encountered the problem of not being able to backup WhatsApp on the iPhone and not restoring conversations? There is no need to worry, with the MobileTrans program, the backup will be restored in detail for all conversations.

This is not only for WhatsApp, but you can also get backups for WhatsApp Business, Viber, LINE, Kik, and WeChat, as it provides full support for these applications.

The program not only recovers personal conversations, but it also recovers photos, videos, and any other files downloaded to your accounts or phone.

Even better is the ability of MobileTrans to have a backup of WhatsApp on the computer for use when needed.

If you are looking for a program that transfers WhatsApp backup data from Android to iPhone, MobileTrans is the perfect choice.

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The program works completely safely, so do not worry about the idea of ​​your data being leaked.

While using the program, you do not need to delete the original data or set the devices in any specific way.

The program can quickly recover data that was accidentally deleted from your phone.

The program can transfer your contacts, in addition to transferring applications that you have previously downloaded on your phone, as it transfers more than 18 types of data.

Whatever type of phone you have, you can transfer data to any other phone. For example, you can transfer data from an iPhone to a device running Android or Windows without any problem.

The functions are many and effective. You must experiment and obtain your backup copy of all your data by using the program and obtaining all the advantages.

Program advantages MobileTrans in Transfer data from iPhone to iPhone

  • You can Transfer data from iPhone to iPhone And restore it immediately by simply clicking on the program.
  • MobileTrans provides the most important feature, which is dealing with all systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.
  • You do not need to do a lot of steps to recover data, just click a button and the program will work successfully.
  • Unfortunately, with other programs, you may encounter the problem of incomplete information transfer, but this problem is eliminated with MobileTrans.
  • When transferring data, you need to choose a program that supports all the data to be transferred, and here the program provides you with this feature.
  • An easy-to-use program that has wide popularity in various countries of the world. It has been used in 100 countries around the world.
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How do I transfer my data from iPhone to iPhone?

MobileTrans is easy to use. Once you download the program, do what you need. Follow the steps in the following points:

  • You must connect the two phones to perform the transfer.
  • Choose the command and data will be instantly restored from one phone to another.
  • Monitor your phone and scan the recovered data, to verify the complete transfer of your data.
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My experience when using the program MobileTrans

I bought a new iPhone 13, I tried many ways to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone, some are very slow and others are incomplete, but MobileTrans is the best program I have ever used!! It helped me transfer all the data from the old phone to the new phone very simply! Including music, contacts, photos, etc. What surprises me most is that it also supports Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhoneWhich is amazing to me! It is worth noting that it also has a backup function, which is very useful for me. I can make frequent backups of my phone data. Thanks MobileTrans.


After all these features, do not miss the opportunity. Each of us is exposed to the issue of difficulty in transferring data and restoring backups, whether for phone files, or backups for social networking sites. Share your experience and evaluate the program. You will be surprised by the high-quality technology when used. There is no perfect program. Transfer from iPhone to iPhone Except for the MobileTrans program, quality, accuracy and security are difficult to combine in one program, in addition to an excellent method of use for customers and also with the testimony of experts in the field. Handle your conversations with a reassured heart. You will not be surprised after today by losing the backup of your conversations. You can restore it immediately without losing any information.

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