The oil company processed a complaint against the outright suspension that was granted on May 9 to María Amparo Casar and in which she was ordered to immediately reinstate the pension payments that correspond to her for the death of her ex-husband, Carlos. Fernando Márquez Padilla García.

MEXICO CITY (apro).- Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) challenged the outright suspension granted to María Amparo Casar in which she was ordered to return the pension it had paid her since 2005 derived from the death of her ex-husband, Carlos Fernando Márquez Padilla García .

According to the judicial courts, Pemex processed a complaint that was received by the Sixth District Judge in Labor Matters, Ricardo Guzmán Wolffer, because it was he who originally received the protection requested by the president of Mexicans Against Corruption. and Impunity (MCCI) against the suspension of payment of her widow’s pension.

“Present the justified report in the sense that it is true that this Federal Court on May 9 of the current year, provided based on the considerations set forth there regarding the outright suspension requested by the complaining party,” said the judge.

Consequently, the file will be sent to a Collegiate court to determine whether or not it will confirm the measure granted to the complainant.

The legal representative of Pemex also showed a letter and the check in the name of Maria Amparo Casar with which he would pay her pension because yesterday the judge granted her 24 hours to comply with the order to make the payment.

“Return the credit title so that the processing of its delivery is carried out by the corresponding area of ​​Petróleos Mexicanos,” the judge ordered.

Proceso reported that when the judge received the complaint from María Amparo Casar, he indicated that he was not competent to resolve the matter and ordered the file to be sent to the District Courts in Administrative matters.

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For this reason, this Tuesday the judge once again granted Pemex 24 hours to deliver the check to María Amparo Casar.

So far no court in Administrative matters has reported that it has already received the protection, so the president of MCCI still enjoys the outright suspension that was granted to her by Judge Guzmán.

The pension payment that María Amparo Casar received was suspended since last February and in her lawsuit, the complainant indicated that Pemex did not indicate any reason why it made that decision.

On May 3, the director of Pemex, Octavio Romero Oropeza, and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, publicly accused María Amparo Casar of manipulating the documents on the death of her husband, who in 2005 was coordinator of advisors for the oil company. .

To this end, María Amparo Casar supposedly met with the then Attorney General of Justice of the Federal District, Bernardo Bátiz, to request that the ruling that her husband’s death be classified as an accident and not a suicide.

In this way, you could receive the lifetime pension that Pemex offers to the beneficiaries of its workers and collect life insurance and funeral expenses.

Yesterday, the FGR reported that since April 5, Pemex formally filed a complaint against María Amparo Casar and her children Carlos and Fernanda Márquez Padilla Casar for illegally receiving the pension for the death of her husband and father, respectively.

And since last April 15, an investigation file has been opened against them for alleged fraud.

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