No FIFA player could have imagined that the company between FIFA and EA Sport would end. People who grew up playing FIFA think that both FIFA and EA Sport are a combined and inseparable thing! After the decision to dissolve the partnership was issued, many were surprised that there were contracts concluded, money paid, and big things behind the game they loved from childhood until they became adults!

The partnership between EA Sports and FIFA has lasted for thirty years, creating one of the best companies in the history of all of gaming. The agreement between the two companies was for EA to pay FIFA an annual sum of money in exchange for placing the FIFA logo on the game, which gives the impression that this game is the only official football game in the world. Which adds great credibility to the players. As for the development part of the game itself, it is the responsibility of game development experts at EA Sports.

Reasons for the end of the FIFA and EA Sport partnership

FIFA is considered the main reason behind the end of the partnership between it and EA Sports, due to the dissatisfaction of officials there with the amount paid The gaming company pays it to them annually. The last amount that EA paid to FIFA was 150 million euros, which officials compare to FIFA’s profits and believe that they deserve a larger amount than the large profits that FIFA achieves every year in light of its sweep of the video game market and its position on the throne of football games.

On the other hand, EA Sports believes that the amount that the company pays to FIFA is a fair and very good amount, especially since FIFA does not provide any services or do anything specific in return for the amounts it takes.

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They only allow the logo of the Football League to be placed on copies of FIFA. EA is the one that spends on developing the game and paying salaries to employees, as well as renting club logos, stadiums, player celebrations, and other things that the gaming company pays for from the profits it earns. It is said that there is More reasons Behind the scenes, but neither party has any information in this context, at least for the time being.

Indeed, there were some negotiations between the two sides in order to reach a new agreement between them, but in the end the two parties reached the dam, shocking the gaming public by deciding to separate in a decision that shook the world of video games strongly.

Consequences of the separation of FIFA and EA Sports

There is no doubt that there will be many decisions that will result from this separation, whether for the gaming company, FIFA, or the game’s fans, and this is what we will briefly review now.

The first and most important result is definitely relevant to fans of the game, young and old. The state of shock that gaming fans are experiencing is certainly very great, as the great popularity of the FIFA game will certainly be affected in the next version in 2024, which will be the last. It is not expected that players will be as enthusiastic as previous years when the game is released, as the end of the beautiful era of this game approaches. the game.

EA Sports intends to release a new version of the game in 2024, which will be called EA Sports FC. The company promises that this game will be as wonderful as the FIFA game that everyone is accustomed to, and even with a promise to add more updates that give the game more realism, especially since EA has the right to use the logos of clubs, stadiums, and the real shapes of players in light of the contracts that EA has with all of these. the parties. Despite this, many do not expect the new game to gain the popularity that FIFA has enjoyed for 30 years from 1993 to the present day. Simply changing the name of the game will make many players think a lot before buying the game, which may affect the game’s sales significantly.

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In another context, FIFA must now search for a new partner to whom it will sell the FIFA name in exchange for a suitable contract for them. If FIFA does not succeed in finding a new partner, this will mean a loss of 150 million euros annually, at a time when FIFA officials were aspiring to a higher financial reward than that. This task will not be easy, especially in light of the weakness of the gaming companies working in the field of football games, if we combine them with the strength of EA Sports in the field of games. It is possible that FIFA will end up losing their partner, losing money, and losing everything, due to what some called “greed” to get more!

Will you buy the latest copy of the game?

FIFA 2024 will be the last version of the game. Will it achieve the successes it has achieved?

Previous versions? There is an opinion that it will enjoy great success because it is the last version of the FIFA legend, and everyone will strive to acquire it and keep it for life. There is another opinion that says that the popularity of the game has already disappeared after the decision to separate, which will result in a significant decline in sales of the game in its latest version.

Have you decided whether you will buy the game or not?

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