Etisalat Company provides the service of renewing the Etisalat package ahead of time for calls and internet, as Etisalat Company is one of the best leading companies in the field of communications, and renewing the package is one of the things that most concerns users because sometimes the basic package, whether calls or internet, runs out before its renewal date. Basic, so they need to renew it again without having to wait for the renewal date. Etisalat also provides many different packages for calls and internet that suit all the requirements and needs of valued customers at varying prices.

Renewing the Etisalat package before 2021

Renewing the Etisalat package ahead of time for calls and internetRenewing the Etisalat package ahead of time for calls and internet
Renewing the Etisalat package ahead of time for calls and internet

Many people consume their monthly package, the call package or the internet package, and instead of waiting until the end of the month, the company provided a code to renew the Etisalat package at any time and in several minutes before the deadline, so here are several steps that you can follow, which are:

  • First, the remaining package balance must be known before completing the renewal process, in order to benefit from the remaining minutes by dialing the following code *555# or calling the customer service number 555.
  • Secondly, after it is confirmed that your package has expired, you can renew the package using the Etisalat package renewal code with ease *807#, so that the package can be fully renewed again, but there must be sufficient balance available.
  • Thirdly, it is possible that the package may not be fully renewed and that some additional minutes can only be requested through this code *626#. Thus, you can add the balance with a number of minutes starting from two hundred minutes up to eight hundred minutes until the package is renewed at the specified time.
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Renewal of Etisalat Net package

Internet packages are among the most important services provided by Etisalat, which cannot be dispensed with completely. Therefore, it is possible for the Etisalat package to be renewed before or at its specified time, so there are two methods that can be followed:

  • It is possible to inquire about the Internet package and find out its renewal date through the My Etisalat application by downloading it on the phone or opening it from any browser with ease. It displays all the details of your package consumption, and it is also possible for it to be renewed before the due date.
  • As for the second method, you can renew the Internet package by requesting the Etisalat package renewal code ahead of time, which is the following code *655#, then choose the type of package and then renew it, and this is done in several seconds.

Etisalat package renewal code 35

Renewing the Etisalat package ahead of time for calls and internetRenewing the Etisalat package ahead of time for calls and internet

If you are a subscriber of the Etisalat 1200 package and your minutes have run out before their due date, you can renew them from the comfort of your home by dialing the following code #807* or #2*158#.

The Hekaya package also provides users with 1,200 minutes to any Etisalat number and sixty minutes to any other network. As for the Internet package, it provides 1.25 GB of internet, and in order to know the consumption with ease, it is possible to dial this code *838# or enter the My Etisalat application.

As for the subscription code for this package, dial the following code *986* Package price#.

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Etisalat package renewal code for calls ahead of time

It is possible to renew an Etisalat package before its specified date with ease by dialing this code *851*2#. Thus, the package will be renewed before its specified date. It is also possible for the package to be renewed in half the month by calling this code #900. *.

In addition, it is possible to renew the package at any time of the month through the early renewal service provided by Etisalat through this code *807#, as these codes save time and effort instead of going to any Etisalat branch.

In addition, if you are subscribed to one of the monthly packages, you can know all its details in terms of the number of valid minutes and the renewal date by dialing the following code *852#.

Etisalat call packages

Renewing the Etisalat package ahead of time for calls and internet

Etisalat Company provides many different packages for calls that can be subscribed to and benefited from, and among these packages are:

Hekaya package for the family, which has different subscription prices, as there are 65 packages, 100 packages, 150 packages, and 200 packages. They are subscribed by dialing the code #monthly subscription number *689*, for example *689*65#.

There are also Hekaya Mix packages, which are also available at varying prices to suit all categories. There is the Hekaya Misk Package 35, Package 50, and Package 70, which can also be subscribed to through this code #monthly subscription number*689*.

Each of these packages provides customers with mixes that they can use as minutes for calls or megabytes for surfing the Internet and social media sites.

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