Sniffies is a revolutionary tool that allows users to find random locations that meet their specific criteria. Whether you are looking for a new place to explore or want to meet up with someone in a neutral location, Sniffies has you covered. In this article, we will explore the features of Sniffies, including its location randomizer, exact location finder, age filter, and customer service number.

Location Randomizer

Sniffies’ location randomizer is a powerful tool that caters to users looking for spontaneous adventures or neutral meeting spots. By inputting preferences such as distance, location type, and amenities, users can generate a random location that fits their criteria. This feature is perfect for those seeking new places to visit, planning a date night, or simply looking for a unique meet-up spot.

  • Users can specify the distance range within which they want the random location to be generated.
  • The location randomizer suggests a variety of options, from parks to cafes, based on user preferences.
  • This tool can help users break out of their routine and discover hidden gems in their area.

Exact Location Finder

In addition to the location randomizer, Sniffies offers an exact location finder for precise navigation. Users can input an address or coordinates and instantly locate the exact spot on a map. This feature is invaluable for first-time meetings or when trying to locate a specific venue accurately.

  • The exact location finder provides a detailed map view, making it easy to identify the exact location.
  • Users can save time and eliminate confusion by pinpointing the exact meeting spot beforehand.
  • This feature ensures smooth navigation and seamless coordination for meet-ups or events.
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Age Filter

Sniffies’ age filter feature caters to users concerned about the age of potential meet-ups. By setting age preferences, users can filter locations based on the age range of individuals present. This feature is particularly beneficial for users who prefer to connect with like-minded individuals within a specific age group.

  • The age filter allows users to customize their experience by selecting their desired age range.
  • Users can ensure compatibility and shared interests by meeting individuals within their preferred age range.
  • This feature promotes safe and comfortable interactions by giving users control over the age demographics they encounter.

Customer Service Number

In case users encounter any issues or have queries about Sniffies, they can easily reach out to the customer service team for assistance. The customer service number for Sniffies is [insert customer service number here]. Whether users need help troubleshooting a technical issue or require guidance on using the platform, the customer service team is readily available to provide support.

  • Users can contact the customer service team via phone or email for prompt assistance.
  • The customer service team is equipped to address a wide range of user inquiries and concerns.
  • This feature ensures that users have access to reliable support whenever they need assistance.


Sniffies offers a comprehensive set of features designed to enhance user experience and facilitate seamless interactions. Whether users are seeking spontaneous adventures, precise location navigation, age-specific meet-ups, or customer support, Sniffies has the tools to meet their needs. Explore Sniffies today to discover exciting new locations and enhance your social connections in a convenient and efficient manner.

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  1. How does the location randomizer work on Sniffies?

The location randomizer on Sniffies allows users to input their preferences, such as distance, type of location, and amenities, and then generates a random location that meets these criteria.

  1. Can I find an exact location using Sniffies?

Yes, Sniffies offers an exact location finder feature where users can input an address or coordinates and find the exact location on a map.

  1. Does Sniffies have an age filter feature?

Yes, Sniffies offers an age filter feature that allows users to set age preferences and only see locations where the age of potential meetups falls within their specified range.

  1. How can I contact the customer service team at Sniffies?

Users can contact the customer service team at Sniffies by using the provided customer service number. Users can reach out via phone or email for assistance with any issues encountered while using the platform.

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