Since its inception, Apple has been working to develop and improve its phone services and devices periodically. As some technical problems appear in iPhone phones, they quickly try to solve them directly in the next updates, or provide solutions to users that will avoid these problems and prevent them from falling into them. Perhaps one of the most prominent problems that have appeared recently, which has caused users to constantly search on various blogs and search engines on the Internet, is the problem of the sound on the iPhone when calling or making calls. You may encounter this problem during important calls, which may cause some problems and frustration, but never worry. Solving the sound problem on the iPhone 11 when calling or iPhone 7 and other versions in which the problem may appear is very simple. You do not need to go to maintenance centers to change the speaker, as you can get rid of this problem yourself, through some steps and settings that you will learn about in this article.

Causes of the sound problem on the iPhone when calling

Perhaps not long ago, the problem of sound on the iPhone when calling was one of the common problems in Apple phones. Especially older versions, including the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. There are many and different explanations about the reasons for this in order to avoid them and not fall into these mistakes. We have found that it is possible that some wrong practices may cause this defect, and the reason may be from the phone itself or the operating system. Among these reasons:

  • Some bugs in iOS may affect the sound during calls due to system update errors.
  • Sometimes the reason is for downloading and installing applications on your device related to communication, such as call blocking applications. This may cause a sound problem on the iPhone when calling.
  • There may be some defects in the phone during manufacturing, which are treated with maintenance at various iPhone sales points.
  • You may not notice and the problem may be in the headphones you are using, as they may have expired or been damaged.
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Solve the problem of the sound disappearing on the iPhone when calling

If you do not hear the sound while you are making calls, or you hear distorted sound from the speaker in… iPhone Or iPad or iPod touch. You must take a set of steps and procedures that will address the problem permanently, or at least enable you to identify the problem in order to address it later. Among these procedures are the following:

Check sound settings:

So, if your device has a ring/silent key, move the key forward, so that you do not see an orange color. As for iPad phones, make sure to turn off “Silent Mode” in the settings.

Cleaning receivers and speakers:

The problem may be with the protective protectors, device cases, or protective glass, as they often block the audio reception hole or are not clean. So remove them all and make sure they are safe and that sound can reach them. This is done using a small, soft brush so as not to damage the receiving hole.

Restart your device:

Solve the sound problem on the iPhone when calling in several waysSolve the sound problem on the iPhone when calling in several ways

If you tried the previous solutions and they did not work, the problem may be technical, so restart the phone. Rebooting the device removes most of the small unknown errors and glitches, making it work as usual again. The method to restart it is known, either by turning the phone off and on or by restarting it directly.

Increase your device’s volume:

The problem may be that you lowered the volume and forgot it was low, so try raising the volume while you are calling and verify that there is no sound in calls.

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Disconnect the headphones and exit headphone mode

As it is possible that your phone is in headphone mode, so remove the headphones and check if the mode is still working by looking at the headphone volume indicator at the top of the screen. In this case, try disconnecting and connecting the headphones to your device several times to disable this mode.

Make sure the iPhone receiver is clean and safe:

The accumulation of dirt and small particles in the iPhone’s audio reception slot may be the cause of the iPhone’s sound problem when calling, or its weakness and interference. Likewise, the protectors used for the phone and other anti-shock devices may lead to the same problem. Therefore, change it or remove it completely, and also ensure that the reception opening is clean and cleaned when necessary.

Reset all settings on your device

If all the previous steps and procedures fail and the sound problem persists on the iPhone when connected, you will try resetting all settings on your device to review the settings error. In order not to delete the data and media on your phone, restore the privacy, network, sound, etc. settings from the default settings.

iOS update

Sometimes, the appearance of a sound problem on the iPhone when calling may be due to the system not being updated on your device. Therefore, updating your device to the latest version of iOS may solve the sound problem. In this regard, we had a previous topic about new iPhone updates entitled: Updating the new iPhone, the most important features, and the method of updating, to view more information on the topic.

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