The best and most famous Free Fire settings. This is what many fans and fans of the famous Free Fire game are looking for, so in our article we will discuss with you in detail about the headshot settings and the sensitivity of the Free Fire game, as a simple modification in the game can make you get an ideal experience and more than wonderful results. Adjusting the settings correctly in the game helps them win, eliminate enemies, and get first place.

Best sensitivity settings for Free Fire

Free Fire settingsFree Fire settings
Free Fire settings

Recently, many players have tried to ask different questions regarding Free Fire settings, as adjusting the settings helps in obtaining a unique experience. The Free Fire game is considered one of the most famous and important games in the world and is very popular among many professional and novice players.

But in order to get the best results, each player must adjust his own sensitivity settings, because the settings affect playing with firearms and all the tools in the game, in addition to making it possible to absorb many new things that take a long time.

Steps to change Free Fire settings Samsung

Dear reader, if you are a new user of the Free Fire game and you do not know enough about the settings of this game, then there is no need to worry. All you have to do is commit to implementing the following steps so that you can adjust the game in a professional and correct way so that you can get great results.

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Through the following points, we will show you the steps to adjust and change the settings:

  • The first step is to open the Free Fire game on your mobile phone after you download it.
  • After that, you must log in by writing the required personal information such as name and password.
  • The next step is to see the settings icon and click on it. In the settings section there are a wide range of options.
  • Now click on the sensitivity option, but know that you will not be able to see your default settings
    There must be a specific number within the following sections: Red Dot, General section, and Free Look section.
  • After that, you must change the values ​​​​under each of these sections. You can do this by adjusting the scrolls that are located next to each section.
  • The final step is to enter the game again and choose Training mode so you can decide whether these settings are right for you or if you should change them.

Free Fire Headshot settings

We know how important the automatic headshot that is performed in the Free Fire game is because it helps the player get rid of his opponents with ease only by using three or four shots, but if you press once on the head, this will lead to a higher rate of headshots, and this is what It’s called a headshot.

Regarding the automatic headshot in the Free Fire game settings for all phones, we advise you to use the best and most important headshot sensitivity so that you can get the required results. Make sure to follow each point very carefully and then implement it in your Free Fire account as quickly as possible.

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The best Free Fire settings for all phones 2024

Through the following points, we will show you the most prominent and important settings of the Free Fire Headshot game that are suitable for all types of mobile phones:

  • In 80, the red dot is 53.
  • In addition, the x2 range is 82 while the x4 range is 84.
  • The sniper range in the game is 18, and the free sight is 50.

Sensitivity and headshot settings for Samsung A11

  • In 75, plus the red dot is 70.
  • Sniper range is 25, x2 range is 75.
  • The free view for this setup is 63.

Free Fire headshot and sensitivity settings for the Samsung A12 phone

  • The year is 85, and the red dot is 78.
  • The sniper ranges for this setup are 30, x2 range 85, x4 range 80.
  • Free look is 73.

Sensitivity and headshot settings for the Samsung A13 phone

  • In 95, in addition to that free look 83.
  • Red dot is 72, X2 range is 95, X4 range is 95.
  • Sniper range is 20, and free sight is 83.

Hack Free Fire settings

The head shot is a distinctive tool that helps Free Fire players win and eliminate enemies with ease. Thus, the player will be able to win all matches and battles because it is a safe tool and does not cause any problems. It is also characterized by the fact that it allows the possibility of eliminating the enemy just by hitting him. On his head.

And finally

We have reached the conclusion of this article in which we talked about Free Fire settings. We also learned about the correct steps for adjusting Free Fire Headshot settings and hacking the settings of the Free Fire game, the new update.

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