The world of the web is witnessing a very great development with the passage of time, and this positive change is increasing day after day, and if we talk about the field of profit from the Internet, the latter has not been deprived of these changes. Ways to profit from the Internet are flourishing day after day and other new methods are appearing, and the number of pioneers in the field is also constantly increasing. In today’s topic, our talk will be about the best sites for profit from shortening links for the year 2020, especially for Egypt and the rest of the Arab states. We will only mention honest sites.

Profit from shortening links

Before we talk about the best link shortening sites, let us know some important information about the reality of link shortening, and is this field really profitable or is it just nonsense spread among us, and how reliable the sites are, and what about my personal experience on the subject.

In fact, profiting from shortening links is one of the best ways to profit from the Internet, and this is because it is very easy in addition to being very simple and does not require a lot of knowledge, and it brings you permanent and distinctive profits without much effort, but the problem remains in the methods of attracting visits. For specialized links and profit strategy, I will discuss this, God willing, in another topic. As for credibility, unfortunately there are many fraudulent sites in this field, especially since most of them are Arab sites, so they open for a few months and then attack users, then they are closed and their owners take the money for themselves! Frankly, I personally have been exposed to this a lot by these scammers. Therefore, know that everything I will tell you here comes from deep personal experience. Of course, I advise you to use foreign sites, especially old ones, because they are more professional, and I will show you some of them.

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The best link shortening sites

There are thousands of websites operating in this field, my friend! This is a very large number, and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. I have very extensive experience in this field and have made significant profits from it because it is not my main source of income, but that’s okay. I will benefit you, God willing, more than anyone else. In the beginning, there are many of these sites that are fraudulent, and there are some that are unprofessional and also have fatal flaws, but in this list I will present to you those that are impeccable and proven.

cut urls

Honestly, I personally use this site up to now, and in my long career I have tried more than 10 sites, but this is the best of all. Click on the title to enter it. I will present to you some of its advantages:

  • Payment is immediate. A day or hours after requesting a withdrawal, you will receive your money using the payment method you want, unlike popular and Arabic sites where payment is monthly.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is very low, and this is what distinguishes it from other foreign sites that give large minimum amounts
  • The price per thousand CPM visits is high compared to the rest of the foreign and honest sites. The sites that offer a high CPM are mostly a scam, and the honest ones are generally low.
  • Skipping shortened links is easy for the visitor, and this is so that he does not escape and become alienated from your site and take a negative view.
  • The ads he displays are respectable
  • It counts all visits, and also accepts all visit sources
  • There are no specific laws required, as the site allows everything and does not prohibit anything
  • Very old since about 2016
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I think it is the oldest site in this field. It is true that it offers very small profits and almost no one is using it now, but it was the first in the field at a time ago and it still has some advantages, despite the fatal flaws!


Another site I had experience with and I withdrew a significant amount from it on PayPal. The nice thing is that it accepts CCP for those residing in Algeria, but unfortunately it does not accept local cash withdrawal methods for some Arab countries such as Vodafone Cash for Egyptians.


Frankly, the site is nice in general because it does not have local withdrawal methods, but it has a fatal flaw, which is the presence of disrespectful pornographic ads that annoy the visitor, and also make the money you earn forbidden. Skipping the shortened link is somewhat difficult. I honestly do not advise you to do so because the first site is the leading one.

Profit strategy from shortening links

This topic will be discussed in detail in the upcoming posts, God willing. After that, you choose the site that suits you and shorten the link. You must publish it and promote it in several ways, for example, publishing it in Facebook groups or on the YouTube channel. Or even create a personal blog on Blogger or WordPress and publish shortened links on it. I have put in your hands a list of the best link shortening sites and I will leave room for you to get creative.

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