Many mobile phone users know the importance of securing them by locking the screen, with a password that does not allow anyone to access the phone’s data, but what is the solution if you forget the username or password? Here we will present a way to unlock the iPhone screen very easily. All you have to do is Some people ask about using the Dr.Fone program, which is capable of unlocking the screen professionally and in the easiest way How to unlock the phone if you forgot the Samsung lock code. This program provides you with a wonderful service to do this work safely and easily. All you have to do is download the program and do the necessary work of unlocking your phone screen and unlocking the lock pattern on any type of phone.

How to unlock the screen with a program Dr.Fone

Now you can remove screen locks, regardless of their type, using Dr.Fone. It does not require searching or comparing, and you will verify it by viewing its functions in the following lines:

  • When the phone screen is locked for any reason, you can unlock it using this program.
  • If the cloud password is lost, it is impossible to unlock the phone on its own again. An assistant program is required to do this feature. The Fone program is the best to do this task.
  • You just have to answer this question: Do you agree to jailbreak your phone? If the answer is yes, the program will do what is required and unlock the screen immediately.
  • The Fone program allows you to take advantage of the various iPhone features by unlocking the screen and navigating within the services provided by Apple.
  • One of the most important problems you face when using any other program to unlock the screen is erasing the phone’s data, but with the Fone program, forget about this matter. The program uses the MDM feature that protects the phone from losing any data during the process of unlocking the screen.
  • Warning: If the MDM feature is not activated, you will lose all phone data when you access to activate the phone and open it again.
  • When you buy a used iPhone, do not worry about the activation process and unlocking the screen, as the program will unlock it immediately while activating the features it provides.
  • The program’s interface is simple and any user can handle it easily without any complexity, so you do not need to be professional in dealing with the programs. The matter is clear with just the click of a button.
  • There is no need to worry when someone else tries to unlock your phone and tries to do the experiment more than several times, causing the screen to lock. Now with the Fone program, it has become easy.
  • This program is a great addition to the Wondershare collection, don’t miss it. Try it now.
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Program advantages Dr.Fone To unlock the screen lock on iPhone

Let’s learn about the advantages of the program in detail:

  • The best program to unlock the screen lock with customer testimony.
  • A program compatible with all types of screens and how to unlock them.
  • When you open the screen again, do not worry about losing your data on your phone.
  • The Fone program gives all the powers to unlock the screen of both Samsung and Huawei phones.
  • The program is easy to use with a high degree of security without compromising your phone information.
  • An excellent method and a wonderful solution to eliminate a problem Unlock screen lock for iPhone.

How to use the program Dr.Fone?

In simple steps you can use the program as follows:

  • After successfully downloading Fone to your device, do the following.
  • Using a wired telephone connection, connect it to the computer.
  • Choose to unlock the screen from the options available.
  • Before unlocking the screen, you will be required to put the phone in recovery mode, so that it can unlock the phone screen.
  • Now you will be able to unlock the screen again through the Fone program.

My experience when using the program Dr.Fone

The question that came to me a lot was how to unlock the Samsung screen lock pattern. At first, the answer was difficult, but after using the Dr.Fone program, it became very easy.

I forgot my phone password, it was annoying to search How to unlock Huawei screen lock pattern. Until I came up with the Dr.Fone program, this is how the phone was successfully unlocked. All I did was connect the phone to the program and choose the command.

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I lost the passcode to lock the phone screen. I tried many methods but to no avail, until I was able to unlock the phone screen again using Dr.Fone and it was a great experience.


The Dr.Fone program is very different from other programs that can unlock the screen, as it guarantees you the greatest degree of security and privacy. The program is licensed and subject to strict supervision that does not allow phone data to be hacked. It has an excellent support team that you can contact at any time. It is an easy-to-use program. You enjoy all the many benefits of the program.

How to unlock the screen lock on an iPhone is a complicated matter. It is difficult to retrieve the passcode except through a program that works with a specific technology. Through user experiences, the program received a high rating, which puts you in a state of reassurance during the use experience while ensuring complete privacy.

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