Many iPhone owners are looking for the best ways to spy on the iPhone or to check on their children, and among these methods is spying through iCloud, which is easily downloaded from the Play Store, where all iPhone data is backed up to Apple’s Cloud service, so The phone can be viewed without the need for any applications, because it is cloud storage.

Or it is possible that some secure applications may be used to monitor children or track employee phones, but these phones must never be used except with the approval of other people, and these applications sometimes cannot be detected as they are hidden and effective.

Spy on iPhone via icloud

The best ways to spy on iPhoneThe best ways to spy on iPhone

The iCloud service is considered one of the free services that Apple provides to all iPhone users, but it is considered untrusted by users, because it can be used to spy on the user’s information, by hacking the iPhone through icloud, which is one of the most common. Simple and easy ways to spy on the iPhone, as it can be considered like a remote iPhone spy program for free.

Although there are some statements from Apple confirming that it is difficult to hack through the iCloud program, it actually helps greatly in spying on iPhone devices, as spying people can know the phone’s password, and then use it to enter iCloud from The website will access the full page of all iPhone data and files, and thus without the need for any effort, any iPhone device will be spied on.

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Spy on iPhone through the App Store

There are two methods that can be followed to spy on the iPhone with ease through the App Store, and these two methods are:

The first method It is possible that some codes can be used, which enable you to spy on the iPhone with ease, as the spying person sends the spy codes to the iPhone owner in the form of a game or application from the App Store.

Or it may be a link to a sponsored advertisement from the Internet, because some people are curious and open this link and click on it. Thus, the process of hacking the iPhone is completed immediately and all the information on the device is known, and the owner of the iPhone cannot stop this hack. But he can remove the phone’s battery and disconnect it as quickly as possible, for only five minutes.

The second method: In this method, applications and games can be used, because many people are fascinated by games and applications and download them to the device immediately. Once they are downloaded, approval for some permissions is requested, and the user must allow access to them and access the data and files of the iPhone. Thus, information can be viewed on the iPhone with ease.

This data consists of personal information, social networking sites, photos, and anything else, and this is done without the knowledge of the iPhone owner.

Spy sign on iPhone

The best ways to spy on iPhoneThe best ways to spy on iPhone

iPhone owners can know that someone is spying on them, through the presence of a mark at the top of the iPhone screen in case they use some applications that work on spying through the microphone and camera.

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In the event that there is an application that is spying on you, a feature has been provided in the new version of the new operating system for iPhone devices, which is called iOS 14. There will be a green dot in the upper right side of the phone screen. When the cameras are activated, a green dot sign will appear. If The microphone is activated and there will be an orange sign, which leads to protection from spy apps.

WhatsApp spy program for iPhone for free

This program is one of the most popular programs in the world, as the program has been downloaded by millions of users from all over the world. Although the subject of espionage is against Sharia and the law, in some cases it is legitimate, such as monitoring children and working to protect them. Avoid being exploited by bad people.

What also distinguishes the application most is that it can follow the WhatsApp application and all messages, whether old or recent, through which it is also possible to adjust the settings for any person and control the application in an integrated manner, as the name of this application is Whatsapp spy tool application, and it can be It is used for free without paying any fees at all.

Through this application, you can also know all the information about the contacts in the WhatsApp application. It is possible to know all the photos, video clips, and all voice messages as well.

But it is possible to avoid spying on the iPhone with this application by constantly updating the WhatsApp application. In addition to that, the WhatsApp application is distinguished by providing a security feature against any hacking.

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