The Omar Annabi WhatsApp application is one of the most important programs that has been updated and developed to a great extent, which has given it many advantages and characteristics that users enjoy, including that the application is completely free of defects in use or defects in downloading or even in dealing with it, which makes it offer a unique feature to its user that is distinct from The rest of the regular versions of WhatsApp, where the number of downloads has reached more than five million users

Features of the Omar Annabi application

He distinguishes WhatsApp Omar Al-Anabi has the best and highest ranks among users of the WhatsApp application in general, as it is considered the most famous versions of all. Although there are many types other than WhatsApp Omar Al-Anabi, such as WhatsApp Red, Pink, Blue, WhatsApp Pasha, and WhatsApp Gold, WhatsApp, unlike these types, is ahead of them because of the features and characteristics that make it always in the lead. At the forefront of what distinguishes it
  • The user’s visible status can be hidden to others, which is a feature that adds more privacy.
  • You can close the Internet connection from the Omar Annabi WhatsApp application and maintain the Internet connection for the rest of the other applications.
  • The ability to stop the call receiving service without this being visible to callers.
  • Allowing you to change the languages ​​used in translating texts, such as the service on WhatsApp Gold.
  • It offers its users the ability to save conversations or share them with other users.
  • It supports various Android devices, so the application can be downloaded and installed without problems and very easily.
  • You can hide and delete WhatsApp messages by using the password.
  • Omar Annabi WhatsApp supports many languages, which the user can change very easily.
  • The ability to listen and share the Holy Qur’an and various supplications such as (morning and evening remembrances, Hisn al-Muslim, legal ruqyah, noble prophetic hadiths, and many others) to share them easily with others.
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The most important updates on WhatsApp Omar Annabi

  1. Possibility of using advanced fonts.
  2. Ability to add modern icons.
  3. By clicking on a word Whatsapp To disable hiding hidden conversations.
  4. Increased the number of conversations allowed to be pinned to 25 conversations instead of only 3 conversations.
  5. You can contact someone within the group.
  6. The problem of the auto-hide icon has been fixed.
  7. Fixed an option that was changing the language in Oreo production and higher.
  8. The problem of forced suspension has been resolved when you choose the automatic reply list for more than one person or the list of archived conversations.
  9. The problem of the conversation display appearing after clicking on the Show More icon in the groups data field has been eliminated.
  10. Many other problems that users faced in previous versions of WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi have been eliminated and fixed.
  11. Re-add the 3 effectsD And animated.
  12. Returns the ability to add wallpapers to the call screen or chat status screens.
  13. Ability to download stickers from Google Play.

You can rearrange the conversations in the order that suits you, whether by arranging them from oldest to newest or by rearranging them from

WhatsApp Omar Al-Attabi, the modern version

Users of the modern version of WhatsApp face major problems in hiding the appearance of other users, but through the Omar Al-Annabi Asih WhatsApp application, you can hide the time you last appeared on Facebook.

  • You can also WhatsApp Omar Annabi new update From hiding your view of your status of your contacts, but this will be without their knowledge, or showing your name in the list of people who have been seen for the story.
  • He distinguishes WhatsApp Omar Annabi The original WhatsApp also hides the word “writing now” when you are in a conversation with someone, and when you start writing, the word “writing now” appears below your name, but in WhatsApp Omar Annabi new update You can choose to hide the “He is writing now” feature so that your message will suddenly appear to him
  • Similar to the feature of hiding writing, just as the command to show that you are writing now to whomever you correspond with on traditional WhatsApp was an annoying matter, so too is the matter of voice recording, as it is considered an annoying matter for you sometimes when it is written “The voice recording is now being done,” but with Omar Al-Annabi’s WhatsApp, it has been completely eliminated. This problem was eliminated once and for all, and suddenly the audio recording was sent directly to others.
  • There was also a problem with the official version of WhatsApp for its users in sending media of high sizes because the size of the application itself is limited, but with WhatsApp Omar Annabi latest version The matter is completely different because #WhatsApp Omar enables its users to send videos of large sizes, in which the size of the sent video reaches up to 50 MB.
  • Controlling the font shape, size, and color was not possible for the original WhatsApp users to control or change it, however WhatsApp Omar Annabi latest update It has become possible, so that its users can control the shape, color, and size of the font that is used in writing conversations.
  • Many traditional WhatsApp users are annoyed by the blue check mark that shows others that you have already read the message, but with Omar Annabi’s WhatsApp, you can read messages without the blue check mark appearing to other users.
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One of the wonderful features that WhatsApp Omar Annabi has is that you can use the feature to prevent deletion of messages sent to you, because in the original version of WhatsApp it gives you a period of time.

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