Orange Company provides many diverse services, including transferring Orange balance in the best different ways, because many users do not know the transfer code or customer service numbers, as the balance is transferred either to the same network or to any other network, and it is also one of the largest leading telecommunications companies in Its scope is to provide many ongoing services and offers, for which codes are allocated, where you can facilitate procedures without contacting customer service in several ways, including the Orange balance transfer code.

Free Orange balance transfer code

Transfer orange balance from the application Transfer orange balance from the application
Transfer orange balance from the application

It is possible for Orange customers to transfer Orange balance by dialing the following code *1*101# and writing the phone number *balance value*0*#.

In addition, you can transfer balance from one Orange line to another Orange line by dialing the following code #100*2#, then press 2, after which you must choose the balance transfer option.

In addition, you can call 400, then follow all instructions from the customer service automated response, until the balance transfer process is completed successfully.

How to convert units from orange to orange

There are many different methods that can be followed to complete a balance transfer from Orange, and among these methods are:

  • The first method: Go to your phone until the balance is transferred, then dial 1*101# phone number * balance value*0*#, then press the call button.
  • Secondly, how to transfer Orange balance: The balance transfer can be done from an Orange line to Orange through the following code for balance transfer #7#, then call, then follow the instructions from which the balance is transferred.
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The Orange balance can also be transferred through the customer service number 400. Then press 2, then 3, and choose the balance transfer option.

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Transfer Orange balance from the application

There is no maximum limit on the value of the balance that is transferred, as it is possible to transfer an infinite balance when performing the balance transfer process for the first time, and it only requires twenty piasters in one balance transfer process.

You can download the My Orange application for Orange from the Google Play Store or through the App Store according to your phone’s operating systems with ease and for free. After the download is completed, open the application and enter the main menu of the application, then choose the option to transfer Orange balance and complete the information. And enter the other Orange number.

However, it is not possible to implement the Orange balance transfer service to Vodafone or Etisalat numbers, because each network specializes in transferring the balance to itself, and thus the questions of Orange customers about the possibility of transferring the balance to another network or not have been answered.

There is also no other additional fee. In addition to that, this service from Orange is available to all Orange customers, whether card, line, or control system customers.

How to convert Orange units to another number

In addition, it is possible for the Orange balance to be transferred to more than one Orange line, that is, to transfer the Orange balance from one number to another. This is because the balance does not have to be transferred to the same number, but it is possible for the transfer to be made to the same number more than once. It is possible How to convert Orange units to another number.

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The most important information about the balance transfer service

Transfer orange balance from the application Transfer orange balance from the application
Transfer orange balance from the application

The balance transfer service from Orange is considered one of the most important services available to all customers, as 2% is deducted from the balance that is transferred, and the minimum fee charged for this service is thirty piasters.

There is also a code to inquire about Orange balance, which is #3#100#, or it is possible to call the customer service number 445, and to know the daily offers from Orange, it is through the following code #12#.

These are some of the conditions that must be followed to transfer Orange credit to another Orange number, and the Internet credit that is sent is valid until its expiry date.

How to transfer balance to orange internet

It is possible to transfer the Orange Internet balance easily, and it is done by following the following steps:

  • After you have credit on your Orange line, dial the following code *3, then enter the My Orange application, then enter the Ma Ligne option in the application, whether for Android phones or iPhone phones.
  • Then, from the application menu, go to the Transfer Internet option, and then all you have to do is customize the amount of Internet you want to send, and write the addressee’s number.
  • Finally, you must click on the confirmer option, in order to ensure that the Orange Internet balance transfer process was successful.

This is how you can benefit from all of Orange’s many diverse services that it offers to its valued customers.

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